Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jesse Turns 4 Months Old!

On September 1st, this amazingly adorable little boy turned 4 months old!
Jesse, you are the light of our lives and we are so blessed to have you as our son! It's hard to believe that you're FOUR MONTHS OLD already. Daddy and I were looking at your monthly pictures tonight, and we can barely remember you being teeny tiny! You've especially had a growth spurt over the past month. You're getting so big... learning and growing by leaps and bounds.

You are still exclusively breastfed, and you have no problem at all taking a bottle during the day. This is especially good because Mommy went back to work this month and you're getting 4-5 bottles during the day while she's gone. You're getting the cutest little rolls on your arms and legs!
When Mommy went back to work, your routine got a little messed up. Gone are the nights when Mommy could lay you down around 8 or 9 and you would sleep through the night. Now, you still go to bed consistently by 8:30, but you wake up between 2 and 3am to nurse, and then again at 4 or 5am. Mommy gets up for work at 5am, so it makes for an interesting night of sleep for me! Some mornings require a little more coffee than others, that's for sure. Even though you're not sleeping through the night like you once were, Mommy loves rocking you in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I'm tempted to get you out of bed just to rock you because I miss you when you're asleep! Mommy LIVES for the weekends when she can have you all to herself and does not have to go to work.
This month, you became VERY vocal. You love to squeal and scream, especially when you're getting your diaper changed. You crack us up when you get silly. You have started to giggle really hard when we make certain noises and faces and when we blow on your tummy. You also have a few distinct ticklish spots :-)
This month, you found your hands. You suck on your fingers more than you like to take a pacifier now. You're drooling an awful lot too... I think teething is right around the corner for you! You especially like to suck on your fingers when you're sleepy.
Your dexterity is sharpening! You rarely miss when you reach for something with your hands. Your grip is getting stronger. When you grab something, you typically take it straight to your mouth... whether it's a toy or Momma's finger! You're really enjoying your toys that require you to pull on them to make noise because you're figuring out how to use your hands to make the noises happen. It's so neat to see you learning so much every day!
You are moving around like crazy! The doctor couldn't get over how active you were at your 4 month appointment. She put you on your belly to see what you would do, and you decided to attempt a headstand (head down, pushing your arms and legs up - almost to a somersault position). She said there's no doubt that you'll be crawling soon! You already move around pretty well - you just roll or scoot to get where ever you want to go. You have been rolling from back to belly since July, but you also started rolling from your belly to your back this month. Momma is not READY for you to be on the move yet!!
At your recent doctor's appointment, you weighed 15 pounds even. You are 26 inches long - 82nd percentile for height! Doctor said you definitely had a growth spurt this month.
You have taken a liking to watching t.v. Now, we don't sit you in front of the t.v. for longs periods of time (please don't send me hate mail!), but your eyes and ears are naturally drawn to the sights and sounds coming from the t.v. When it became obvious that you were curious about the t.v., we found some shows that really caught your eye. You enjoy Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Club, and other shows with colorful and musical characters.
You are still wearing a size two diaper (only because we need to use them up... the next big box from Sam's Club will be size three!). You fit into size 3-6 month onesies and bodysuits just fine. Your six month sleepers, however, are getting pretty tight at the feet. I think the 6-9 month sleepers are in your near future.
Jesiah Blaine, I know we say it all the time, but we really had no idea how much love our hearts could hold until you came along. We love you more than you'll ever know. You bring so much joy to our lives and we wish there were more hours in the day so we could spend more time with you. We can't wait to continue watching you grow and explore the big world around you. Love you, baby boy.
Love every single little thing about you... :-)



A Day in Gettysburg

This post is long over-due, but if you lived a day in my crazy, chaotic, hectic life, you'd totally understand why. I barely have a moment to breathe these days, but that's another blog post in itself!
Wayyy back in early August, the hubby and I took Jesse on a day trip to Gettysburg. We haven't had a vacation together since our honeymoon (he's not a big fan of going away, I usually just travel with girlfriends). However, with a baby now, I think it's important to set aside time to spend together as a family. Granted, a vacation at this stage of the game isn't quite feasible yet. So, instead of going away for a few days, we decided just to take a day trip to Gettysburg. I've been dying to sink my toes in some sand, but the hubby is a history buff and Gettysburg is much closer than the beach... so, he wins this time!
We actually had a great time. We started out at the visitor's center. We watched a film and then toured the museum. Afterwards, we stopped at the gift shop and bought an audio CD for a driving tour of the battlefield. It ended up being the perfect option for us. We leisurely drove from landmark to landmark, while the narrator explain what had happened in that particular part of the battlefield. Jesse enjoyed the ride, and we would stop every now and then to get him out for a stroller ride. We had a great day, just the three of us. Lots of passersby commented on how adorable our baby was. One little girl just couldn't pull herself away from him. Already a lady's man ;-)