Friday, May 16, 2014

The Birthday Par-Tay!

This party was brought to you by the letter J and the number 1!
Some posters I created for the party :)
(Shameless plug - I am selling customized chalkboard signs like these on Etsy! email me for details) Click on the posters to see them in more clear detail.

Lots of fun Sesame Street Decorations! I made tissue paper "puffs" of the characters heads for on some of the guest tables.
Painted these letters O-N-E to match our theme to let guests know which door to enter at the church. Made these little photo sticks of pictures of Jesse from over the last 12 months that guests took with them when they left as favors.
Made a large collage of pictures of Jesse to spell out the word "ONE" for behind his high chair. It turned out so cute. :)
We had an inflatable swimming pool filled with plastic balls for the babies to play in since they're too little for games ;-) It was a huge hit with all the kids... not just the babies! LOL. Jesse and my niece, Harper, thought it was a good idea ;-)
We had right around 40 guests who were able to celebrate with us!
 We had a catered meal with barbequed chicken, baked beans, scalloped cheesy potatoes, rolls, and macaroni salad. Jesse enjoyed his meal!
After the meal, Jesse got to open his presents! He got lots of great clothes for summer, as well as some toys.
After opening presents... we had cake!!!
Jesse needed a bath after finishing his cake. Truth be told, he did more "playing" in the cake than actually eating it!
After he got all cleaned up, we opened some of his toys and let him and Harper play.
At the end of the night, Jesse couldn't keep his little eyes open. My mom held him while he napped and we went into clean-up mode to get the church's café back into order. He woke up later that evening at home, and decided to stay up until 11:00pm playing with new toys while Mommy and Daddy got things situated from the party. No doubt he was running on a little bit of a sugar high ;-)
Special thank you to my cousin, Stephanie Obitts, for her amazing work on the cake!
And a very special thank you to Summer Walling for taking over my camera for me so I could be "in the moment" and not behind my camera all day ;-) Can't wait to return the favor for her at her son's first birthday party in July!
One more thing I'd like to share...
While I was getting Jesse ready for the cake smash, my mom came to me with tears in her eyes. It had been raining for a short period of time, and when the sun came out a gorgeous rainbow graced the sky. Rainbows are very special to us and remind us of the presence of family members who have gone on to be with the Lord. Thankful that we had a rainbow given to us on that special day as a reminder that there are many others who were celebrating Jesse's birthday with us in spirit.
 Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a special day for Jesse!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Jesse's first birthday fell on May 1, 2014... a Thursday. My original intention was to take the day off work to spend with him on his birthday, but Jesse came down with his first viral sickness the week before his birthday, and I ended up taking time off from work when he was sick. I just didn't feel like it was the best timing to take another day off. Instead, I took a 1/2 day off. After working the morning, I went to my Mom's to get Jesse and we took him to the city park to play for a while at the playground. We had a great time! Then, we went back to my Mom's and took a nap... playing is exhausting, apparently ;) I didn't complain... love snuggling with my sleepy baby! Later that evening, we had cupcakes at home with Jesse's Dada to celebrate his first birthday. He LOVED the cupcake! I'd say Jesse had a pretty awesome birthday :) His party was held the following weekend.
We had a very special day celebrating Jesse's first birthday :-) I'm sure future birthdays will be just as fun.. or more!


One Year Old, Baby!

Jesiah Blaine turned one year old on May 1st. My baby is growing up so quickly.
Now that you're one,  you like to do following:
walk and run
take things apart
empty wipes containers and tissue boxes
unroll toilet paper rolls
play with strings and straps
clap and dance
push big toys around
chase kitty and BoBo
kick, roll, and throw balls
watch Mickey and Elmo
take off your shoes and socks
hang on the patio door curtains
climb on toys to look out the window
wrestle with Dada
cuddle and sleep with Momma
play in the tub
You can say the following:
"MoMo" for BoBo
"Duck" for "Yuck"
Bah-bah (bottle)
"Oh yeah"
You weigh 22lbs and are 29 inches long.
You wear size 18mo clothes (some 12 mo still fit), and a size 4 diaper.
You love to eat:
mandarin oranges
fruit cocktail
toast with jelly
butter bread
chicken sticks
sautéed chicken
green beans
Some snapshots from the last month:
You are my heart and soul, my sweet baby boy. I love you more than words can say, and I'm so blessed that God has allowed me to be your Momma. So excited for all the fun new adventures that the next 12 months bring. Love you, Jesse!