Tuesday, April 8, 2014

11 Months Old

I have so many different emotions running through me right now. I absolutely LOVE life with my sweet baby boy - every day is filled to the brim with adventure and learning new things. But good grief, the last 11 MONTHS have flown by. I feel like he was just a cuddly newborn, and now he barely fits on my lap in the rocking chair :-( He's growing up so darn fast. I feel like I'm hanging onto Jesse and digging my heels into the ground, begging father time to slow down just a little bit.

You are 11 months old!

I think back to this time last year and there was SO much anticipation and wonder. What would you be like? Who would you look like? What would your little personality be like?
You definitely have your daddy's looks, but there are times when I see myself in you too... especially when you smile :-) You are so active. You are cuddly when you're sleepy... but at any other time, you would rather wiggle down off my lap and play with your toys. I won't lie... it makes me sad that you don't want to just sit on my lap and be held anymore (unless it's nap time or bedtime!)... but at the same time, it amazes me every day to watch you learn and grow into such a special little boy.
This month has been exciting. You have 4 teeth now - all of your front teeth. You are a drooling machine these days, so I have no doubts that some more teeth are on their way. You're doing better with eating table foods. You particularly love fruit (especially mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, grapes, and bananas), and I've also found that you like cooked carrots. You like pancakes and toast, as well as Puffs and Crunchies.
You are cruising around the house by hanging onto furniture and walking. You also get around quite well with your Fisher-Price walker. Just recently you've decided to get brave and start taking some steps without holding onto anything. The most I have seen you take before flopping to your knees and continuing along your merry way via crawling, is 8 steps. Each day you seem to gain more and more courage. It's only a matter of time before walking becomes your primary mode of transportation :-)
Things that you love: strings and straps (you find them on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, claim them as YOURS, and then pitch a royal FIT if anyone tries to take them from you); noisy toys; the Hot Dog Song on Mickey Mouse Club; Elmo; anything that plugs into the wall; trying to crawl into the dishwasher (of all things!); dancing; playing with Harper; reading books; chasing Kitty; Daddy and Momma.
Your vocabulary is increasing. To date, we have heard you say Momma and Dada, as well as Nana (for Nanny), Momo (for BoBo), hi, "uh-oh", "buh buh" (for bottle), and something that sounds a lot like "I did it" and "I got it".
Sleeping has not been your forte this month (in your crib, anyways). You had a few rough nights when you were cutting those upper teeth, and I hated to see you in pain. Many of those nights turned into snuggle sessions in Momma's bed and that seemed to help soothe you. I was hoping that once those teeth came through you'd go back to your wonderful sleep habits in your crib, but no such luck. You sleep GREAT when you're literally right next to (and I mean TOUCHING) your Momma with some part of your body... feet, head, butt, you name it. Yeah, you are getting wonderful sleep in my bed, LOL. Me, not so much. So, it's back to the sleep training drawing board. I'm following the same instructions as last time (mentioned {{here}}). I will say though, that you are fighting it much harder/longer this time than last :-( Praying we get into a new solid routine quickly for your benefit and Momma's. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE snuggling with you... but you're pretty much pushing Momma to the edge of the bed, and you need to develop sleeping habits that don't require Momma (or her comfy bed).
You had your first black eye this month. Daddy loves telling everyone it was my fault. :-/ You were playing in the tub, trying to stand up. I kept sitting you back down on your bottom. Well, you managed to somehow slip while trying to pull yourself back up. You banged your cheek on the side of the tub, and a tiny line of blood appeared instantly. There was nothing sharp that you could've cut it on, it just looked like it busted a vessel. Over the next couple of days, your eye turned all kinds of interesting colors before finally healing up after a week.
I'm really struggling with coming to terms with the fact that your first birthday is less than a month away. I dropped a small fortune on the invitations for your party, and then when they finally arrived, I procrastinated with sending them out (Yes, Family, they are in the mail and on their way!). I feel like the last year has been a complete blur. Where, oh where, did my newborn go?!
As the children's book says, "...As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."