About Me

Hi, I'm Kristin!

I am a twenty-something woman living in south central Pennsylvania. My blog is a place for me to document my adventures of living a Fancy-Free Life.  I try to make the most of every day, living each waking hour to its fullest. In addition to documenting my adventures as a wife (aka "Domestic-Goddess-In-Training"), I also want to share my experiences as a second grade teacher and an amateur photographer.

I am the oldest of two children, and I had the greatest blessing of being raised in a Christian home. My parents taught me how to love others, pray, and to glorify God (even in the most difficult of situations). I am married to Jason (commonly referred to on FFL as "J"), a hard-working diesel mechanic with a heart of gold. You can read more about our Love Story {{here}}.

I am passionate about many things, including education. I have a Master's degree in teaching and am a firm believer in life-long learning. I'm a self-professed book worm, reading upwards of 20 books per year. I love photography, music, reality television, good coffee, and laughing with my friends. I enjoy learning how to cook (emphasis on learning - ha!), exploring the downtown life of various towns, and blogging about my adventures.

I invite you to follow along on my blogging journey. Put on some comfy-clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy your time spent at Fancy-Free Life!