Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Months Old

My sweet, sweet Jesiah turned ten months old on March 1st!
You bring so much joy to our lives, Jesse. I cannot count the number of times in a day that you make us smile and laugh.
You're such a big boy, now!
Every day, you're becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler. You're cruising around the house by holding onto furniture, cabinets, toys, etc. You're letting go more and more and standing stationary for longer periods of time. If I hold one of your hands, you will take a solid couple of steps before going down to your knees. You know that you get around so easily on your hands and knees, so it's been a challenge to get you to WANT to walk :-) That's fine though, we won't rush that ;-)
 You love to clap your hands and dance to music. Your favorite song to hear is "If You're Happy and You Know It". You also get really excited when you hear the "Elmo's World" theme song, and when Mickey Mouse sings "Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog".
You have cut another tooth, one of your upper top front teeth. It came through right on your 10th month birthday! There's been a little bit of fussiness with cutting this tooth, but it doesn't seem as bad as when you got your bottom two teeth in. You've been drooling a lot and doing a lot of chewing on toys, though.
You still do great with your formula and baby food. We've been giving you more and more finger foods, and you're quickly getting over the aversion to textures. Finger foods initially made you gag, but now you're enjoying them. You have had soup (chicken and rice soup with peas and carrots - the veggies were very soft from cooking in the broth), chopped up peaches from a can and chopped up fresh bananas, pancake bites, corn, mashed potatoes, and the usual baby snacks like Puffs and Yogurt Melts.
You continue to become more and more vocally expressive. You consistently say "Mum Mum" and "Daa Daa", as well as "bah bah" and "uh-oh". You're also starting to babble more and more, and it's so cute. I wish I knew what you were trying to say :-)
You are sleeping great these days. You consistently still nap in the mornings and afternoons. You go down for bed between 8 and 9, depending on the day and your mood. You generally sleep all night until 4-5am. At that time, I give you your first bottle of the day and bring you into bed with me until my alarm goes off at 5:15/5:30. I love that you can sleep all night in your bed, and I look forward to our morning cuddle time before I have to go to work each day.
You have been taking your binky more during the day and at nap time. If you find one as you're crawling on the floor, you stop, pop it in your mouth, and keep on going. :-) At naptime, sometimes all it takes for you to pass out is your binky and a soft blankey.
You still thoroughly enjoy your bath time! You love splashing around in the tub and playing with your toys. I'm thinking about signing you up for an infant swim class to get you used to being in the water before summer time. :-)
A big milestone for both you AND mommy this month was sending you to the nursery during church on Sundays! You've done great when you've gone (some Sundays you fall asleep during worship and then stay asleep on Daddy through the message, so you don't have to go on those days). You're just at a very fun, active, vocal stage right now, and expecting you to be quiet during church and not create a distraction to others is just unrealistic. You really enjoy being around other children though, so I know it's good for you.
You love, love, LOVE your Daddy. When he gets home from work, you speed crawl to the kitchen and practically demand (in your own language) that he pick you up :-)
While you love to play with your Dad, anytime you're sleepy or hungry, Mommy is your girl.
You and I like to be silly together. You make a silly noise, and then I mock you. We go back and forth, mimicking each other, copying each other's movements, and before long you are rolling on the floor and giggling your little heart out. I love our silly moments together. You get REALLY silly when you're tired :-)
You rarely like to sit still. But one activity that you enjoy is reading books. You like to look at the pages, touch the pictures, and turn the pages. You will sit still through a book, and I love that about you! The other morning you were in the pack'n'play while I was getting ready for work, and I peeked at you for a minute and you were sitting up with your Bible looking at the pictures like a big boy. Made my heart melt. A lot of times you'll look at books in your high chair while I'm cooking dinner, too.
I can't believe that your first birthday is only two months away. You are loved more than you know, sweet boy. I can't remember what life was like without you, and honestly, I don't ever want to remember. You are my world, and you'll always be my baby.
Some other photos from this month:
Love you, Jesiah Blaine!!!