Friday, September 5, 2014

16 Month Update

Jesse Blaine, you are growing up so quickly and keeping us all on our toes. There is never a dull moment! You turned 16 months old on September 1st. 16 months already. I had good intentions of posting an update on you earlier this summer, but we got so busy with our day-by-day adventures that blogging and uploading pictures took the back seat. It's been one of those things that I kept telling myself I would get around to, and now you're 16 months old already! We are long overdue, but I'm going to share lots of pictures from the last 4 months :-)
I took this picture on your 16 month birthday. Of course, I couldn't get a picture of you just standing still and smiling. I caught this action shot as you were running towards me, giggling so hard you were snorting.
Here's another running/laughing picture:
At your 15 month doctor's appointment, you weighed 23.8 pounds (58th %), and you were 31.5 inches long (56th %). You got two shots at your 15 month appointment, and you fussed for a second and then you were fine.
You wear some 18 month clothes (t-shirts, shorts, pants), and some 24 month clothes (rompers). You wear a size 4 diaper. You now have 8 teeth, and more are definitely trying to work their way in as we speak. You've been chewing on your fingers like crazy (along with being a slobbery, snotty mess) which leads me to believe you'll be cutting more teeth soon.
 You've never really been a fantastic sleeper, but you are definitely improving. A few months ago, the only place you would sleep all night was Momma's bed. Now, you sleep in your crib the majority of the night. You wake 1-2 times, but you usually just fuss for a second and go back to sleep. Sometimes I pop over to your room to put your bink back into your mouth, and that's usually all it takes to send you back to sleepytown. Your naps here lately have been kinda all over the place. Sometimes you nap an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so in the afternoon. Other times, you nap great in the morning, and then fight the pm nap. And then days like today, you took a cat nap in the morning, and slept 2 hours in the afternoon. Your routines are definitely a like shaken up with Momma going back to school this month. But I'm sure you'll fall back into a good routine within the next few weeks.
You love, love, LOVE fruits and vegetables. You are becoming more and more picky when it comes to meats. You usually eat chicken really well for me (grilled, baked, fried), but other sources of protein (aside from peanut butter) usually end up being tossed on the floor. You love bananas, mandarin oranges, strawberries, grapes, and watermelon. You also love peas, green beans, cooked carrots, and corn. In terms of snacks, you love graham crackers, goldfish crackers, and cheesy puffs. You also enjoy yogurt, icecream, and cheese.
 Your favorite toys include trucks, cars, planes, anything you can push on the floor, blocks, and balls. You love to play outside. You stand at the door and cry to go outside. It can be pretty pitiful at times. LOL! You love to play in the stones, help to water the grass and plants, and climb.
You love to be chased. You "hide" from us behind the curtains and under the kitchen table. :-)
You have become a major Daddy's Boy over the past couple of months! Daddy is like a rock star in your eyes. The minute he comes home, you forget alllll about Momma. You watch your Daddy out the window and through the kitchen door, fussing and banging on the window/door trying to get Daddy's attention. You love to play with Daddy, and you're all smiles when he puts you on his shoulders. But when you get a booboo or start to get sleepy, then you end up coming back around to Momma.
You're learning so much everyday and you amaze me with all that you can say and do.
You can say:
Nanny (Nay-neee)
Poppy (Pop-peeee)
Please (pees)
Thank You (tan too)
All Done
Cracker (cccccc-er)
Bo Bo
Kitty (ditty)
Oh, wow
Stuck (duck)
Go Work
"I get it"
Banana (ma-nana)
You can:
squat and stand back up
walk backwards
climb up into your high chair
climb up onto the couch
point to your eyes
point to your nose
brush your teeth
go up steps
stand on your tippy toes
follow one and two step directions
empty containers
use a fork/spoon
flush the toilet
stand on a step stool to wash hands
blow your nose
throw a ball
push yourself on a sit-on toy
imitate mommy talking on the phone
imitate daddy driving
You love bath time, swimming, riding in Poppy's truck, taking tractor rides with Pappy, going on walks, chasing the cat, and playing with Harper.
You are a huge fan of Super Why, Sesame Street and Elmo, Bob the Builder, and the Wiggles.
You are my sunshine, my joy, my happiness, my proudest accomplishment. Every day, I thank God for granting me the privilege of getting to be your Momma. You are so special to me, and I cherish the time we have together. You keep me busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you, baby boy!
Here are more pictures from 12-16 months!


Family Fair Fun

Jesse and I went to the Clark County Fair with my parents in August! Jesse loved  seeing and hearing the animals. My cousin Tara was in the fair pageant, and we stuck around to watch her compete. We had a great time, and it was wonderful to get to see so many family members throughout the evening.

Toes in the Sand!

In July, Jesse and I went on an adventure with my mother-in-law, Connie, to Cowan's Gap state park. We spent the afternoon by the lake. What made this trip especially special, was the fact that this was Jesse's first experience with sand. He's never felt sand between his toes before :) At first, he wasn't sure what to think, and he kept trying to stand on our sheet that we spread out to put our towels on. Eventually he braved the sand and stepped out further and further. He also enjoyed splashing around in the lake. He would run and splash into the lake, turn around and run back towards the sand, and then run back and splash into the water again. He got a couple of mouthfuls of sand as he tried to eat some. We had a lot of fun that day, and later in the summer we went up and took my hubby along and cooked out. Love making memories with our baby boy!