Friday, November 30, 2012

17 weeks!

How Far Along?  17 weeks, 4 days
Size of Baby: About the size of a sweet potato!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: No gain or loss this week - surprisingly! I had plenty of Thanksgiving dinner over the last week, LOL. Still down 5lbs from beginning of pregnancy. Doctor is very happy with progression of weight gain (or lack thereof) thus far. She said after 24 weeks, I should start gaining approx. a pound per week.
Maternity Clothes: Just got a shipment today from an online maternity consignment store that I have been frequenting... 6 shirts and a pair of dress pants for less than $50! I don't mind wearing slightly used clothing, especially when this wardrobe will be packed away after baby comes.

Gender: The countdown is ON! Jason and I go for our anatomy sonogram on Thursday December 13. I was hoping for an appointment on the 14th, because we plan to share the news with our parents on the 15th. However, much to my dismay, there were no appointments available on the 14th. It's going to be hard finding out what we're having... and then having to keep a tight lip at work the next day! ...But grandparents should know first. CANNOT WAIT to find out if we're going to have a little man or little lady.

Movement: Lots of action tonight, actually! Movement this week has still been inconsistent, but this evening I've been feeling a lot of flutters in the general area where I find the baby's heartbeat. Someone is finally making his/her presence known!
What I miss: Being able to take medicine without stressing over it! I've had lots of headaches over the last week... like, REALLY BAD headaches. The kind where you need an icepack on your head, a very dark room, and 60 minutes of silence before you can think about moving without wanting to throw up from the throbbing. Ended up going to Urgent Care and the doc there felt I have a sinus and throat infection. So, I'm on a baby-safe antibiotic and praying I get some relief!
Cravings: This morning, I almost made myself late for work because I *had* to stop at a convenience store to pick up a bottle of strawberry milk. ...And as I was trucking it to milk cooler, a display of fresh tropical fruit caught my eye. So, I bought some of that deliciousness too. Even though milk does not agree with all of the gross sinus drainage I have going on, the craving is still there and I could seriously chug a glass of ice cold milk.
Symptoms: Oh, my aching back!!! My lower back has been really giving me a fit this week. WhatToExpect says that it's common to experience lower back discomfort around this time because my posture is changing as my body changes.

Best Moment This Week: Had a great baby doc appointment on Monday. Met a new doctor and felt instantly comfortable with her. She ordered the anatomy ultrasound that day, too. Also loving the movement I'm feeling this week.
Looking Forward To: Decorating for Christmas this week, feeling better, and counting down more days until we see our baby again!
Here's a couple of phone-pics from this week:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Holiday Tradition

Every year on Black Friday, my mom and I have a tradition.
No, it does not involve getting up at the butt-crack of dawn.
No, it does not require waiting in long lines.
On the evening of the day after Thanksgiving, Mom and I head to Shepherdstown, WV. Main Street is shut down, all of the neat little shops have their windows decorated for Christmas, a bon-fire is made on the square where people can roast marshmallows or warm their hands, chestnuts are roasted and sold on the street corner, and the Grinch lurks in the shadows of Town Hall while the town gathers and waits for Santa Claus to arrive. There is a magical feeling in the air, and I love how spending the evening in the town puts me right in the holiday spirit.
Mom and I before we left for the evening

Main Street in Shepherdstown
Selling roasted chestnuts
Spotted the Grinch
Chocolates! Nothing with lemon though. Darn.
Cindy Lou Who
Bonfire on the street corner
Santa arrives!
My favorite store in Shepherdstown!
Momma checking out the goods.
Oh the delights of being pregnant... had to buy the pickled green beans and some lemon drops.
Where we have dinner every year! Kung Pao Chicken for me :)
Santa in the window :)


Friday, November 23, 2012

16 Weeks... A little late!

I hit the 16 week mark on Monday, officially beginning my 17th week.
...And in just a few short days, I'll be 17 weeks and starting my 18th week!
This week has been busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's been a great week. I'm feeling great, my energy is coming back, and time is flying right by.
How Far Along: 16 Weeks, 4 Days
Size of Baby: Weighs 5 oz. About the size of my palm :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still down 5 lbs since beginning of pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity shirts, some jeans, but most of my dress pants I'm making due by wearing the belly band.


Gender: We should be finding out in the next couple of weeks!


Movement: Some flutters here and there, but can't wait for a good, hard kick in the ribs. LOL!

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly and right side.They say it's best to sleep on your left side to promote good circulation... and of course, that's my least favorite position to sleep in.   
Cravings: Still on a major lemon kick (I would LOVE dark chocolate truffles with a tart, creamy lemon filling - if anyone knows where I can get some, please let me know!!!). Also been drinking a lot of milk. Because I'm starting to get a cold, I switched to Almond Milk in an effort to satisfy my craving without making my congestion worse. It's actually very good! I would also LOVE a big bowl of sourkraut right now.
Symptoms: I have more energy this week! House is getting cleaned more regularly, laundry is getting caught up (Mount NeedToWashMore is slowly decreasing in size), and I'm busily working through editing gobs and gobs of pictures for friends and family.


Best Moment This Week: Quite a few! Picture One: The Greencastle Christmas Tree was lit last weekend... I always look forward to driving through town to see it. Picture Two: Got my hair done and feel 10 times more beautiful and less frumpy. It's amazing how doing one little thing for yourself can lift your spirits. Picture Three: Another highlight this week was teaching my second grade friends about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. On Monday, we sat in a circle and held hands, saying what we were thankful for. The best part was watching my kiddos' faces when I cut into my paper bag turkey (as seen on Martha Stewart) and they saw all the popcorn inside, realizing they were in for a feast of their own.

What I'm Looking Forward To: My next doctor's appointment is on Monday! Excited to meet another doctor and schedule our anatomy ultrasound.
My friend Megan snapped a picture of me at her house after doing my hair on Tuesday...
So instead of dragging out the tripod and taking my own picture, I'm using hers this week :)
16 Weeks, One Day Preggo:


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15 Weeks!

Good grief, I feel like I just posted my 14 week post.
Seriously, I love that time is flying by because it means I'm one more week closer to holding my baby in my arms... but at the same time, I want to enjoy  this pregnancy as much as possible. Time can slow down just a little bit :)
How Far Along: 15 Weeks, 2 Days
Size of Baby: Baby is approx. 5 inches long - about the size of an avacado.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Still down 6 lbs since beginning of pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes: Bought some new winter coats, a couple of shirts, and a pair of pants. Read about those purchases {{here}}. My package arrived today - the coats fit great! The shirts fit well, also. However, the pants are wayyyyy too big through the thighs. I ordered my usual pant size... maternity sizes must run weird!
Gender: This week, I've had more "boy" thoughts. For some reason, I just have a feeling we are going to be seeing lots of blue over the next year!
Movement: I think I might be feeling a nudge here or there, but can't wait to know for sure what I'm feeling!
What I miss: Getting dressed in under 5 minutes. This morning I changed my clothes EIGHT times. EIGHT!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't find an outfit that I felt comfortable in. I feel like I look more pudgy than anything, but my regular clothes just aren't fitting anymore.
Cravings: Went grocery shopping the other night and had to laugh when I got home and saw a "theme." I'm all about the berries, apparently!
Symptoms: My biggest symptom is the lack of energy!!! I thought I was supposed to get a burst of energy this trimester... but I'm still struggling to stay awake past 8pm. In fact, I'm so tired and feeling so "frumpy" that I almost decided to skip this week's post. *Yawns*
Best Moment This Week: Spending some time with my bestie last night! Got to take some Christmas pics of her sweet little man, Lane. Can't wait to see them on her Christmas cards!
What I'm Looking Forward To: Going to see the newest Twilight movie with my neighbor on Friday night! Can't wait for some yummy movie theater popcorn and some Snow Caps. .. maybe a cherry ICEE. LOL - I might be slightly more excited about the snacks!
Here I am, 15 weeks fat pregnant!
And... Kitty wants to say hello :)


Monday, November 12, 2012

This Weekend I...

Linking up today to share with you the ramblings of my weekend.
It sure was a busy one!

This weekend I...

*Did some online shopping! With some pretty chilly days last week, I decided it was time to invest in a maternity coat for the winter. One of my favorite online stores for simple, classic style is Old Navy. Imagine my DELIGHT when I logged on and winter outerwear was 50% off! ...You know what that means. I bought two coats instead of one! ...As well as a few other goodies. So in love with the long tunic and legging look! Here's what I bought. Keep in mind the coats were half off, and then Old Navy had another promotion of 20% off your order. I saved big bucks :)

*Held a one-year photoshoot for my cousin's little boy, Graydon! Such a handsome little man with lots of sweet expressions. Can't wait for his first birthday party next weekend!

*Traveled to Berryville, VA to capture my second cousin's wedding at the historic Rosemont Manor. I'll have another post with pics from her day in a few days, but here's just a couple of my favorites.

...Stay tuned later in the week for my 15 week update!!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

14 Weeks

Sitting here on the 6th of November with a few things on my mind.
1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my best friend, Beth and her hubby George! Two years ago I helped her get ready for her big day and stood by her side as she became Mrs. Walling.
2. It's election day! I have the news on right now, hanging on every word. I did my part - I voted! - now we just wait to hear if our voice was heard.
3. Celebrating the fact that two long grueling days of parent-teacher conferences are O-V-E-R. Yay.
...and without further adieu, my weekly update!
How Far Along:  14 Weeks
Size of Baby: Baby is approx. 4 and a half inches long - about the size of a navel orange.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained back one pound this week! My appetite is definitely starting to make a comeback. Still down six pounds from beginning of pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes: Wore a few maternity shirts this week, just to have the extra room. Tried out the belly band this week and it worked like a charm. Granted, it feels incredibly AWKWARD to walk around with your pants unbuttoned & unzipped, but it's way more comfy than the rubber band trick.
Gender: Having more girl dreams this week, but when I think about our lives 2-3 years from now, I envision a little boy in our lives. Time will tell!
Movement: I know that it is SUPER early, but I thought I felt something the other night. Could've been gas though - ha!
What I miss: Eating at Subway. What I'd give for a turkey sub.... yum. Unfortunately, deli meat is not healthy for the baby, so I'm staying away.
Cravings: I have had an insane obsession with lemons since the beginning of this pregnancy. I pour tons of lemon juice in my water bottle, order lemonade every time we go out... loving those lemons! I also had a strong craving for a Mediterranean salad with extra feta cheese and grilled chicken. Yesterday, I made my dream come true... LOL :)
Symptoms: I've had very few moments of nausea this week - woohoo! My energy level still stinks... and with the time change, I'm feeling ready for bed at 7pm.
Best Moment This Week: Last Monday, Mom and I ventured out in the middle of Hurricane Sandy for my 13 week appointment. We braved the crazy winds and rain for the chance to hear the baby's heartbeat. The doctor found the heartbeat, and I asked for another ultrasound since Mom was along with me. The doctor said, "Sure!"

Here's the sweet profile of my baby on the screen in the office:
And here's the print out of that picture:
So in love that that sweet little baby!!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Every night I look forward to putting on some comfy clothes, getting situated on the couch with my Doppler, and checking in with the baby. The heartbeat used to be to the right of my belly button. Now, it moves around every day so it's fun to hunt around for it until I find it. When I first bought my Doppler, I found the heartbeat really low on my belly. Now, the heartbeat is an inch or two away from my belly button. It's getting much louder, too. This week, the heartbeat has averaged 155-160 each night.

14 Week Bump Picture:
See ya next week!