Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day!

So, it's March 25th... and I am enjoying my second snow day of the year!
It is technically spring, but Old Man Winter just won't give it up. I'm not complaining, though! I will take a snow day, anytime.
So what does one do on a snow day?!
Number One: COFFEE.
Number Two: NEST.
That nesting instinct is kicking in and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY that I can't start setting up the baby's room yet! So... I figured, one thing I could do for now is to get the room all taped up so that it's ready to be painted. My kitty supervised the taping :-)
Since it was gorgeous and snowing, I decided to take advantage of the weather to do some self-portraits! I saw some really neat maternity pictures taken in the snow on Pinterest and was glad to have the opportunity to take some of myself. Next year, I will be be taking pictures of my little guy playing in the snow ;-)
Did my hair & make-up... set up the tripod... and hoped for the best!
Not too shabby, huh? I'm happy that they turned out. :-)
Getting ready to head to my 34 week OB doctor's appointment! Praying for a good report. Hope everyone else enjoyed their snow day :-)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

33 Weeks!

How Far Along? 33 weeks, 6 days
Size of Baby: The size of a pineapple! He weighs about 5 pounds now.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 3 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Maternity clothes (specifically pants!) are so comfy that I may never go back to 'normal' clothes. Ha!
Gender: Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails... BOY!

Movement: My little guy is moving around A LOT. I had no idea how much he was moving until an ultrasound that I had done during one of my monitoring sessions this week at the hospital. See, during the previous two ultrasounds, baby boy was contently sitting breech in my belly. My doctor had advised me to rock back and forth on my hands and knees for 20 minutes every night in an effort to get him to turn into head-down position. I also watched some YouTube videos on "spinning babies" and one woman recommended lying upside down on an ironing board propped up against a wall, as well as standing and doing hip-circles. So, I've been spending LOTS of time in the evenings doing these very goofy things.
Well, at my ultrasound I asked the technician what position the baby was in as she started the scan. She said he was head-down and I was THRILLED!!! She was measuring his head, and then her phone rang. She went across the room to answer it and I could feel the baby moving a little bit. When she came back to continue measuring his head, she said, ''I can't believe it. He's not head-down anymore! This is now his butt!" as she pointed to the screen where his head had JUST been before she answered the phone. By the end of the ultrasound, he was back to head-down again. Baby boy was literally doing somersaults during the scan. Crazy little boy! I said, "Well he obviously has plenty of room to move around right now... I'm not wasting anymore of my time with all these silly exercises when he has no problem turning on his own right now!" LOL.
I'm getting a better idea of  which position he is in based on where I'm feeling movement now. I can clearly feel a foot every now and then near the top of my belly, and when I feel a hard ball in the middle of my ribs, I know I can feel his head. Sometimes he does this crazy thing where he curls up in a ball on the right side of my belly. It's actually kind of painful because it's all of his weight pushing against me on the one side. Usually if I rub his back, he'll relax back down within a minute or two :-)
What I miss: Having my house in order! Granted, I've never been a "clean freak", but having all of this STUFF sitting around the house waiting to go into the baby's room is DRIVING. ME. BANANAS! Hoping to get the baby's room painted this week so I can start putting away all of his sweet little things. This momma wants to NEST!

Cravings: Soooo missing my fruit!!! I have found that apples don't make my blood sugar go crazy high, so I've been enjoying some small granny-smith apples with cheese or peanut butter. 
Symptoms: The stretching/aching pains continue, especially when I stand up. I find myself sitting much more these days, especially at work. I'm not one of those teachers who usually sit a lot during the day. In fact, I have my desk positioned up against a wall... because seriously, who has time to sit at their desk during the school day?! Lately, though, I've been using my "Wheely Chair" (aka desk chair) much more during the school day... also propping my feet up on a chair when I'm teaching guided reading. I still haven't had much swelling, which I am grateful for. My wedding rings still fit nicely... might even be a little loose these days. I haven't had any puffiness in my ankles, either. I know that the baby will really pick up weight in this last month of pregnancy, though, so I expect I will probably start to experience some swelling! I'm still sleeping great... I have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. I get up 2 times during the night to go to the bathroom and then fall right back to sleep. My biggest symptom complaint right now would be the stretch marks. Oy, they are NOT fun. All part of the process, though... and I'll take a hundred more since they are proof that my baby boy is growing and healthy!
Best This Week: I had a surprise shower at work this week! I walked into the teacher's lounge at lunch time and there was a whole pile of presents for me and one of my coworkers who is also expecting. One of my gifts was a very LARGE box. My team mates (and some very generous helpers) went together to buy my stroller/car seat travel system! I was speechless... and yes, I cried.
My name is spelled wrong on the cake... but it's the thought that counts ;)
Also, getting a sneak peek at my baby boy Wednesday night during the ultrasound was pretty special. It was neat to see him move around so much, and I also got to see that baby boy has A LOT of hair right now! :-)
Looking Forward To: Finally getting the baby's room finished!!!!!!
33 Weeks Pregnant:


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Shower Blessings - Part Two

If you missed Part One of the baby shower, you can click {{here}} to play catch-up :-)
After Melody performed her songs for me, it was time to eat! Lots of delicious foods on the menu: chicken salad sandwiches, Hawaiian meatballs, veggies & dip, fruit salad, chips & pretzels, and a yummy/frothy blue punch.
Of course, this preggo lady was more than ready to eat!
After eating, I posed for lots of pictures before cutting the cake :-)
Me and the soon-to-be grandmothers:
My bridesmaids and I (Becky is missing from this picture):
My Aunt Penny and I. She's my Momma's twin sister :-)
Aunt Penny cut the cake, and then it was time to open gifts!
I got tons of great gifts :-)
It was a very special day for my family and me. My mom did a fantastic job putting everything together. Thank you to everyone who made my day so special and memorable. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!
And special thanks to my good friend, Amy, for capturing these memories for me!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Shower Blessings - Part One

On March 9, 2013 I was blessed with an amazing baby shower. My mom hosted a beautiful event in honor of my baby boy and I.
I woke up feeling very emotional that morning. I was looking forward to my baby shower so much - and not for the gifts. If you know me and my past and this journey Jason and I have been on to have a baby, you know that having a baby shower is monumental. We are finally, finally having our prayers answered and I was just so excited to spend the day with my family and friends celebrating my baby boy's upcoming arrival. A few days before the shower, however, the phone calls began rolling in from some of my friends and family saying they weren't going to make it. So I woke up on the day of the baby shower thinking about everyone who wasn't going to be there... and it kinda depressed me! It also hit me that morning that my Nanny wasn't going to be there to celebrate with us either, as she went to Heaven two years ago in January. So, cue two emotional breakdowns before I even left the house for my baby shower.
I should've known better than to wear eye make up on this day, LOL.
I pulled myself together, arrived at the venue to help my mom decorate, and my cousin Steph arrived with my cake. I had seen an idea on Pinterest and she made my vision come true. In fact, she even added an extra special touch in the corner: a butterfly. My Nanny loved butterflies. As soon as I saw the butterfly, I lost it again. I threw my arms around Steph and we both stood there crying. She told me about a dream she had had the night before, and I knew that my Nanny would be there with me in spirit.
Everything was decorated so beautifully... and before we knew it, it was party time!
Once all the guests arrived, we headed over to the sanctuary of the church because one of my best friends, Melody, prepared a few songs that she wanted to play and sing.
She started by reading aloud a book called The Runaway Bunny. It is a sweet little story about a bunny who tries to run away from his mother, but each time he says he's going to run away, the mother tells him she will find him. Very sweet book about a mother's love.
After reading the story, Melody performed two Sara Groves songs. I pretty much bawled the whole way through both of them. Go ahead and grab your tissues.
You're going to need them. ;-)
And special thanks to Stacey for videoing these for me!!!
You will lose your baby teeth
At times you'll lose your faith in me  
You will lose a lot of things 
 But you cannot lose my love
You may lose your appetite
Your guiding sense of wrong and right 
 You may lose your will to fight 
 But you cannot lose my love
You will lose your confidence 
 In times of trial your common sense
 You may lose your innocence
But you cannot lose my love 
 Many things can be misplaced
 Your very memories be erased
No matter what the time or space 
 You cannot lose my love 
You cannot lose
You cannot lose
You cannot lose my love
 This is a song for my son for when he understands it
You know how life is full you know we couldn't plan it
your dad and I prayed for strength and understanding
for things we couldn't see or comprehend

This is a song for you, to carry in your pocket
take all our love with you in all the
paths you walk in
I can't say
your life will always go like it should
but I can say that God is always good

and when the cold wind blows like I know it will
and when you feel alone like I know you will
and when the cold wind blows like we know it will

Don't let your love grow
Don't let your love grow
Don't let your love grow cold

This is a song for my son for when he understands it
You know how life is full you know we couldn't plan it
your dad and I prayed for strength and understanding
for things we couldn't see or comprehend

This is a song from my heart a small refrain to hold you
for times when we're apart and I cannot console you
Be honest with yourself and don't forget to pray
and read your bible everyday

and when the cold wind blows like I know it will
and when you feel alone like I know you will
and when the cold wind blows like I know it will

Don't let your love grow
Don't let your love grow
Don't let your love grow cold
After Melody sang her songs, she wanted to have prayer for me and the baby. She led a beautiful prayer and everyone gathered around me and prayed with her. It was such a touching, special part of my day.
 ...More details about the rest of the baby shower are coming tomorrow in Part II!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Better Late Than Never! 8 Months

Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I've done so well with keeping up with my weekly posts... till now. SORRY! This will be a combined 31 & 32 week update on my pregnancy. The last two weeks have been insanely busy. We are finally making a lot of progress on moving forward with painting/decorating the nursery (YAY!), my baby shower took place last weekend leaving me with a massive amount of amazing gifts to sort through, my twice-a-week visits to the hospital began last Sunday, and then there was a horrible car accident involving someone in my family that has occupied a lot of my mind. So... I apologize for being late with this update, but better late than never... right?
How Far Along? 32 weeks, 6 days 

Size of Baby: About the size of a honeydew! 19 inches long, 4.5 pounds

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: All day, every day... LOL!
Gender: Darling baby boy!

Movement: This baby is moving around so much! My entire belly rolls as he moves back and forth, punching and kicking. It's insane to watch. I will try to get another video of him moving around like crazy over the next week or so :-)

What I miss: Being able to make/eat anything and everything that I pin on Pinterest! There are so many yummylicious recipes that I'm dying to try... too bad they don't come anyyyywhere near the amount of carbs I'm limited to - they're way more.

Cravings: Tonight... Cream Soda. Random, right?! I thought so too. Got a bottle of Diet Cream Soda to attempt to satisfy the craving.
Symptoms: I have some serious achiness in the ...*ahem*... lady parts. Especially when I go from sitting to standing, I feel this really uncomfortable pulling/stretching feeling. Getting off my feet definitely helps with making these pains go away. In other news... my belly button is starting to pop out, which I think is hillarious. I guess my built-in turkey timer is popping out to say, "Baby is almost done cookin'!" The crazy preggo dreams are also in full-swing! I have dreamt that I'm going into labor and everyone is there EXCEPT for Jason and he's no where to be found. I've also dreamt that we brought the baby home, and when Jason was given the task of diapering the baby, he wrapped the baby in a low-carb wrap instead of a diaper. LOL - I think it's safe to say the diabetic diet is starting to get to me when I'm dreaming about wrapping my baby in a low-carb tortilla.

Best Moment This Week: My baby shower was last weekend, and I was just completely and utterly blessed beyond my imagination! I got so many great gifts and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm ready for this baby to come. There are a few more things we need (the BIG stuff - crib, car seat, stroller, etc), but those things will come when we have the money.
Here's a list of what I got in terms of clothes/bibs/blankets/etc:
What do I need to get more of?! I'm kinda clueless when it comes to this stuff.
And this is the growing mountain of laundry that IS the baby's 'stuff':
I'm also enjoying my twice-a-week visits to the hospital to check on the baby! Love hearing his heart beat and seeing how his crazy movements correlate with accelerations in his heart beat. The nurse tonight said, ''I wish all of these NST's (non-stress tests) went this well! Your baby looks great!"
Looking Forward To: Continuing to work on the nursery! Also excited for my next ultrasound on Friday April 5th. Can't wait to see my little peanut again!!!
31 Weeks Pregnant:
A collection of some of my maternity pictures taken at 31 weeks