Friday, December 7, 2012

18 Weeks & a Date Night

I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...
Whew, what a day!
My kiddos were a bit squirrley today. Much more talkative than usual. I'm not sure if it was the rainy weather, or if they're starting to feel the excitement of winter break right around the corner. Either way, I couldn't wait for my weekend to begin!!! Only two more weeks remain though... and then an 11 day break awaits. 11 days of sleeping in, spending time with family, finally switching gears from the "holidays"to BABY MODE, and trying to get our house/life ready for the little one that is coming.  ...Can't wait!
This post also brings us one week closer to... THE BIG SONOGRAM! We are so excited to find out what we're having next week. I'm praying constantly that Baby will not be bashful! We will find out next Thursday what we're having, and then we are having our families over that Saturday evening for dinner and a reveal. I'm hoping to do an Old Wives Tales post before Thursday so I can document all of my symptoms and see how well they match up with what we're having.
No, we don't have any names picked out yet. Waiting to see what we're having before we really think long and hard about names.
Tonight, Jason and I went out to dinner with Beth, her hubby, and their little boy. After dinner, we went downtown for the Heritage Christmas celebration. We took a horse ride through town to look at Christmas lights. Although it was a bit rainy, we had a great time!
...And without further adieu, here's the weekly update!
How Far Along? 18 weeks, 4 days
Size of Baby: About the size of a mango! 6 inches long, 8oz in weight
Total Weight Gain/Loss: As a complete surprise to me, I lost weight this week. ...Say wha'???? Who knows. Maybe because I've been sick with that sinus infection. Anyways, down two pounds from last week. Total pregnancy weight gain = -7lbs. With Christmas right around the corner, I'm sure I'll make up for lost weight.
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity shirts and a few pairs of maternity pants. Still making due with the belly band most of the time with my pants.

Gender:  Five days until we find out! Come on, Thursday.
This is going to be the l-o-n-g-e-s-t week of my life, guaranteed.

Movement: Mostly, I notice the movement in the evenings when I'm home from work and resting. I guess I get so busy during the day that I don't notice it as much when I'm teaching. Or maybe all my moving around during the day rocks the baby to sleep, LOL. He/she must wake up in the evenings! Gotta get that schedule straight before he/she makes their debut... :)
What I miss: Walking up the stairs at work without feeling winded. Good grief!
Cravings: I was at the grocery store the other night in search of Grapples (apples that taste like grapes - they are THE BOMB). Unfortuantely, no Grapples were to be found. And then this caught my eye, and the craving for something fruity and sweet was satisfied.
Symptoms: Still feeling pretty tired these days. Might be due to the sinus infection though. 

Best Moment This Week: Really enjoyed my time out with the hubby and Beth's family tonight. Also loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finally finished putting up my tree Wednesday night!
Looking Forward To: Ummm... THURSDAY!!! The big ultrasound!!!
...LOL, that was easy.
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  1. It's funny that you and your hubby haven't picked out names yet. :] Josh and I had a boy's and girl's name (plus one more each as backup!) picked out before we even got married! Hehe. And we won't even be having kids for at least another two years.. :D

    1. Well... he and I both have a girl's name picked out, but those names are far from reaching a middle ground, LOL. We figure we'll just wait and see if we're even having a girl... and if we are, we will see what we can come up with as a compromise. :)