Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jesse - Two Months

Jesse turned 2 months old on July 1st!
And, to compare to last month's picture:
And another comparison pic:
Loves: You love eating, sleeping, swinging on the front porch swing with Momma, snuggling with Momma, sitting in your bouncy seat and punching at the hanging toys, watching your mobile go 'round and 'round, laying on your kick & play mat, and playing with daddy at the end of the day.

Eating: You are addicted to the boob. Mommy can't even hold you against herself for a minute before your little head is bobbing and you're lookin' for the goods. You eat every 2-3 hours during the day, sometimes even more frequently than that during the evening. You still do great with taking a bottle, but we've changed the kind of bottle that you get. The Tommee Tippee bottles were putting too many bubbles in your belly, so now we use the Playtex Drop-ins and your belly is MUCH happier. :-) Mommy loves how you cup your hands together when you're eating. More recently, you've begun grabbing onto Momma's shirt as you eat. It's so sweet. You almost always fall asleep when you're eating, and then Mommy has to wake you up to get a good burp out of you. You usually stay awake for a while then before you fall asleep and nap until your next feeding.
Sleeping: Something amazing has happened!!! Two days before turning two months old, this little man...
I don't know how/why it happened, but you miraculously started sleeping through the night right before you turned two months old! You were waking up religiously at 3am to nurse, and sometimes also at midnight. But then, one night, you just slept... the whole entire night through! Momma woke up around 3am, for our usual late night rendez-vous and just about had a heart attack when I realized YOU hadn't woken me up like you usually do. I tiptoed over to your room and made sure you were okay... and sure enough, you were snoozin' away! Every night since then, you have fallen asleep between 9 and 10pm and then slept till 5 or 6 in the morning. Momma is holding her breath that this trend continues, especially when I start back to work in mid-August. You're so cute when you sleep... sometimes you lay your arms straight out at your sides... sometimes straight above your head. Sometimes you snore, too :-)
Fun Facts: ***You weigh 11 pounds and 13 ounces (56th percentile). ***You're wearing size 0-3 months clothes... but they are starting to get tight, especially your sleepers.  ***You got your first set of shots at your 2 month doctor appointment and Momma was more traumatized than you were, I think. ***You are fickle when it comes to bathtime. Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't. ***Momma took you to the doctor this month over some skin irritation. The doctor ruled the rash over your face, arms, and chest as just a bad case of baby acne. Momma isn't convinced, though. I think your extra sensitive skin doesn't like perfumes and lotions (especially on the clothes/bodies of the people who hold and snuggle you) because you tend to break out after being exposed to these things. ***You're still my blue-eyed baby boy! Your eyes keep getting lighter and more vibrant. Maybe you'll have blue eyes like your Pappy Caudill, or maybe they will change to green like Mommy's or hazel like Daddy's later on. ***While you will sleep all night long in your crib, you DO NOT like napping in your crib! This is something we are currently working on. The longest Mommy has got you to sleep in your crib for a nap has been 36 minutes.
bath time
blue-eyed baby boy
Firsts: Overnight trip to the mountain, meeting with his cousin Harper, real smiles, first shots, sleeping in your crib, sleeping through the night, trip to a restaurant. It's been a fun month as you're becoming more aware of your surroundings. You're figuring out what makes you happy and you're interacting with Momma and Daddy so much more. We love you, Jesiah Blaine!
loving your mobile
love seeing your sweet lil face in the rear view mirror
sweet smiles
hanging out with Nanny on the mountain
relaxing with Mommy on the mountain
snuggles with Momma
napping with Momma on the mountain
he's so handsome
meeting his cousin, Harper, for the first time
much better ;-)
my big boy!
happy boy <3
sweet cheeks!
could stare into his eyes for hours...
me and my boy
kisses - till next month ;-)


  1. I can hardly believe how much he is growing. So precious! <3

  2. He is so precious and he and Brooks seem like very similar babies....especially when it comes to their love for the boob. ;) B is the same way about being held against me/hanging onto shirt/cupping hands. He also sleeps pretty much that long/same times. :) Sweet boys!