Sunday, October 6, 2013

5 Months Old

On October 1st, Jesiah turned five months old!
Hard to believe that only five months ago, we were bringing this sweet bundle of joy home from the hospital. Each month he grows more and more, constantly changing. It's such a neat experience to watch his personality emerge as he explores the world around him.
Jesse, you are a growing boy! I haven't weighed you since your 4 month doctor's appointment, but I'm guessing you're right around the 17 pound mark. You are long and lean, solid muscle! You amaze us with how strong you are. If we let you stand up on our lap, you will push and pull yourself around using your arms and legs... putting yourself in some really funny positions. I call you my little monkey because of the way you will "hang" onto me.
You are definitely your Daddy's boy! Your Daddy is a very busy man, but he loves to spend time with you whenever he can. You get pretty excited when you hang out with your dad. Daddy likes to tickle you, toss you into the air to make you giggle, and rock you. You have special time together in the mornings before Daddy leaves for work (it's super early... the sun isn't even up yet and Daddy will have you giggling away as Mommy gets ready for work herself).
Everyone loves to talk about how much you look like Daddy. I can definitely see the "Caudill" in you, too. For fun, we dressed you in Daddy's easter outfit when he was YOUR age and we took some pictures. It's pretty undeniable that you look a whole lot like your father!
As much as you look like Daddy, I can see some "Singhas" in you, too. You have mommy's almond-shaped eyes, the trademark Singhas eyebrows, and mommy's heart-shaped face! :-)
You love, love, LOVE your Sophie the Giraffe. You could chew and suck on her all day long. You are a slobbery mess these days! Breaking out the bibs here lately to help with the slobber situation.
Still lovin' to chew on those fingers, too! No teeth have popped through yet, though.
You love to "read" books - a boy after my own heart. You look at the pictures on the pages and then try to turn the pages yourself. You especially love to read books with your Nan.
You are your Poppy are quite the pair. I have a feeling you're going to be left-handed like Poppy! Whenever Mommy holds an object in front of you, you almost always reach for it with your left hand. Poppy makes you smile and giggle, too, with his funny voices.
You love spending time with your Grandma and Pappy, too! Grandma takes you for walks in the stroller, which you love. There's no doubt, you're a very loved little guy!
Your sleep schedule is still a work-in-progress. I remember writing in your two-month update about how you were sleeping through the night and how wonderful it was. TRULY, it was wonderful - didn't realize how much so until we started having nights like these:
You are waking up a minimum of two-three times each night. Mommy loves rocking you and nursing you back to sleep when you wake up. Sometimes you end up in bed with Mommy so she can nurse you AND get some sleep... because sometimes that's the only way to survive those nights that you want to wake up every hour or every other hour. We haven't started any solids with you yet because your doctor recommended that we wait until 6 months, but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe some cereal before bedtime might help you to sleep better? But honestly, I don't think you are waking up because you're hungry - you nurse for about 2 minutes (if that!) and then go back to sleep. I tried a pacifier to see if that would help you go back to sleep, but that just wouldn't do ;-)  I guess for now, we just need to hang in there and hope that your sleep habits get better over the next couple of weeks!
During the day, you are getting into a bit of a routine with naps (FINALLY!). You nap approx. 45 minutes in the morning, and then around 2:00 you take a nap that can last anywhere from an hour to two, or more. As I write this, you are down for an afternoon nap. You've been asleep the last 2 hours and 15 minutes! I've noticed that when you have a good afternoon nap, you sleep better at night. When you don't get that good stretch of naptime in the afternoon, your sleep at night is more erratic.
About a week into your fifth month, Mommy started giving you some formula each day. You now get anywhere from 8-12oz of breast milk while Mommy is away, and then about 8-12 oz of formula. When we are home, you are still exclusively breastfed. You have done great with taking the formula. At first, I was mixing the breast milk and formula together, but we found that you enjoy it much more when they are kept separate.
You are wearing a size 3 diaper. During the day, you can comfortably wear a 6 month onesie/body suit. You are wearing 6-9 month pants (for length), and you wear 6-9 month or 9 month sleepers at bedtime.
 You enjoy bouncing in your bouncer and playing on your play mat. You play with your toys and can entertain yourself for about 10 minutes. Then, you usually get tired and are ready for a new activity... unless Elmo is on t.v. ;-) If Elmo is on, your eyes are glued to the tv!
Love these legs!!!
You're getting so, so big and you're really taking in everything around you. You're curious about how things work, and you're very watchful. You're noticing animals more and more, and you like to watch BoBo (Nan & Poppy's dog) and our kitty whenever they are near you. I think it's only a matter of time before you are on the floor, taking off after those animals! :-)
You absolutely LOVE bath time! We put you in a little chair in the tub to give you your bath and get you cleaned up. Once the cleaning and hair washing is over, you can't wait to get out of that chair and splash around in the water, free-style. Momma has to hold onto you realllly good because you are a little fish! You LOVE being on your belly in the tub. Mommy puts you over her arm and you happily hold your head up and kick your legs like crazy. I have a feeling you're going to be quite the little fishy in the pool next summer! You also like to eat handfuls of bubbles. :-)
Jesiah Blaine, we love you so so so much! You're such a blessing to your Daddy and me. We thank God for the precious little boy that you are. Can't wait to see what new adventures the next month brings for us!


Love you, sweet baby boy. 



  1. Wow five months already! So precious!
    Aunt Penny loves you Jesse! <3

  2. Could he possibly be cold at night and that is why he is waking up at night? I know my son did this a couple of nights when he would wake and fall back asleep in my arms right away or nurse for 2 min before falling back asleep. Just a thought, I don't know if its gotten better in the last couple of weeks since you posted this. I have yet to experience the whole sleeping thru the night thing yet, so when that happens I won't know what to do. But just remember that you are an amazing mom. I think all moms need to be reminded of this on a regular basis, because we(or I guess I) get so absorbed in if I am doing this whole raising a child thing correctly, that its nice to be told by others that you are doing a great job and your child is happy and healthy that is all that matters.