Sunday, December 14, 2014

19 Months Old

To my sweet, dear boy,
You are 19.5 months old. Everyone warned me about how quickly time would fly... and initially when we were up to our elbows in dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and milk-stained burp cloths, time did seem to take its grand ol' time. Don't get me wrong - I totally miss those early days when our biggest goal/priority was good sleep... and the snuggles... oh, the snuggles... but you are so much FUN right now and time is whipping right by. With every stage you grow into, I find myself thinking, "Now THIS is my favorite stage of all..." only for you to learn another cool new thing and then I develop a NEW favorite. My point is, life with you is so fun, entertaining, full of excitement, wonder, and adventure. Time is passing us by so much quicker than I would like. One of these days, we will wake up and it will be your first day of Kindergarten already. I still remember the day you came into this world with vivid detail, it feels like it was only yesterday. Please, Father Time, be kind to us.
The basics: At your 18mo doctor's appointment, you weighed 25 pounds (70%ile), and were just about 32 inches long (70%ile). You are healthy in every way, and your language development impressed the doctor. He asked me how many words you can say, and I told him that I keep a running list on my phone and we are at 20+. He raised his eyebrows and said that they expect you to know 6-8 words right now... so you are well on your way :-)
I know I'm your Momma and I may be a bit partial, but I seriously am blown away with how smart you are! You not only play with your toys, but you also take them apart and try to figure out how they work. Then you put them back together (or try to).
You love to play chase *especially when it's time to go somewhere, you take off running from us through the house*. You love to hide and be found. You love to run, jump, hop, walk backwards, and dance. You can do motions to many songs, including "My God Is So Big", "Running Over", the hello song that we sing in music class, the jumping song from music class, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
You love rough-housing with your Daddy. You two give me daily heart attacks. The running through the house, tossing in the air, piggy back rides, wrestling... I feel like it's only matter of time before one of you breaks a bone. As much as ya'll scare me to high heaven, I love seeing your relationship grow. You love to be in the garage with your Daddy, climbing behind the wheel of trucks that he's working on or rearranging his tools. :-)
We just completed a semester of toddler music classes and it was SO much fun! You looked forward to music with Ms. Tracy every Tuesday night. I would tell you Tuesday morning when we were getting ready that we would be going to music class that night and you would gasp, smile, and say "Tay-cee" because you loved going to music class with Ms. Tracy. You particularly loved the jumping song, as well as dancing with scarves, following the leader in circle songs (your eyes were always glued to Ms. Tracy!), and playing instruments. Although during singing songs you would mostly just watch while sitting on my lap, you would repeat the songs (or the tune of them) later on at home.
I mean, with a flutist as a mother and a grandfather who plays bass guitar, it's only natural that you become a musician of some sort! ;-)
Your personality is unfolding in so many ways  as you become more and more able to express yourself with words. You call me Mommy, Momma, and today you started calling me "Mom" on occasion. I told you that calling me "Mom" isn't acceptable until you're a teenager :-)  I prefer to stay Mommy or Momma until then. You ask very clearly for milk, your bink, your toothbrush, your "Boo Boo Buddy" (ice pack for booboos), cookie, crackers, bath, and snack. When I meet your request, you smile/laugh and clap your hands as if you're praising me for understanding you. :-)
You are such a little love bug - you still love to snuggle/cuddle, and you give the best hugs and kisses. I pray that your sweet, affectionate spirit always stays with you!
Some of your "loves" include Elmo ("Melmo"), Mickey, tractors and tractor rides ("trac-to" and "trac-to ry"), books, our pet kitty, cars/trucks, balls, your "big boy bed" (not for sleeping, just for snuggling and playing pillow fight with your pillows), remotes, outlets, bowls/pans from the cupboards, most fruits and veggies, chicken, tuna, peanut butter & jelly, Life cereal, cookies, goldfish crackers, yogurt, your bink, keys, Barney, balloons, drinking from cups without lids, brushing your teeth, taking bubble baths, and helping Momma clean (sweeping and vacuuming).
You are all-boy. You love adventure and are constantly BUSY. Sometimes, that means getting into things you aren't supposed to get into. We are teaching you to stay away from the "no-no"s using time-outs when necessary. You are at the age of curiosity and testing limits, so this kind of behavior is to be expected. Trying to show you early on that behaviors have consequences. We try to praise you whenever you listen to directions and celebrate when you stay away from no-no's.
Our lives were so empty before we had you. Of course we didn't realize it, but now that we've spent the last almost 20 months with you in our lives, we know what we were missing out on before. Our time together as a family is so precious, and we cherish and love every second, minute, hour we get to spend with you. Love you, baby boy!


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