Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching Up...

Can you believe I'm home from work today because I'm sick?! I mean seriously, who gets bronchitis in the middle of July? ...Apparently I do. ;(

While the crazy high fever seems to have subsided, I'm still achy, coughin' up a storm, and just trying to get some rest. My best friends over the last 24 hours have been:

And my furry friend, Casey. I think pets can sense when you're not feeling well. She's extra clingy and won't leave my side.

Figured I'll take advantage of my time stuck on the couch (recently relocated from my bed for a change of scenery) and do some catch-up blogging. Last Sunday, J and I went on a hiking trip. My new 85mm f/1.8 prime lens had just arrived on Saturday and I was excited to "stretch its legs" on the hiking trails.

We drove about 30 minutes to Catoctin Mountain State Park. It's an easy drive from where we live, and it's even more beautiful in the fall with the changing colors.

We opted for the 2.8 mile (round trip) hike to Cunningham Falls.

The trail was moderately difficult, and it was close to 100 degrees out that day. So needless to say, I was a hot mess! There were thunderstorms all around, and the humidity was really high. I haven't sweat so much in a loooong time! ...Thankfully I had a hiking partner (who's rather easy on the eyes) to keep me motivated to get up the mountain!

We made a couple of stops along the way. Jason came upon a raspberry bush and just had to have a taste... while I'm yelling in the background, "Don't eat those berries! They might be poisonous!" And of course he just grins at me and pops another in his mouth. ...And he seems to be okay, so I guess they weren't poisonous after all - ha!

We made it to the falls and enjoyed the view for a few minutes before turning around. It was starting to rain and we didn't want to get caught on the mountain in a thunderstorm.

We had a great time exploring the trail. J thought it would be really funny to dump a bottle of ice cold water on my head after the hike. Too bad I don't have a picture of that one! Here's some other pictures from our day:

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  1. Looks like you had fun on the hike!!
    Hope you get well soon!! :) :)