Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week of School

Well, I have officially survived the first week of school!
The first day back is always the hardest for students and teachers, because the students are all wound up and excited to see their friends, and the teachers have to start all over with a new group of children teaching classroom routines and procedures that we had forgotten/taken for granted because they became second nature by the end of last year.
The first week, chaotic as it was (with a power-outage to top things off!), went really well. I have a group of energetic, fun-loving students that are going to keep me on my toes this year.
We started school on August 22nd... a beautiful Wednesday morning!
On the night of our first day back to school, I was in bed by 8:00... talk about wiped out! Overall, I'm feeling exhausted and a little bit overwhelmed (just being honest!), but I know that it will get easier as I get back into my school year routine.
I still have gobs of beach pictures to share with you, so I'm hoping to have time to work on that post this week. Keep checking back... I will write more when I have time (and energy!).


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  1. i think these kiddos are very blessed to have a pretty amazing teacher. have a great year!