Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here We Go!

...And we're off! Tomorrow is the first day of school. I had the privilege of meeting 14 of my new little friends at Back to School Night on Monday, and it was wonderful to finally put faces to the names! It's a huge blessing to have parental support, so it was great getting to connect with the families of my kiddos. I still have a lot to do tonight (two hours until my school year bedtime of 10pm!), but I wanted to share my classroom blog website with you so that you can follow along with our learning this year. Click {{here}} to visit my classroom blog!

There are lots of "Teacher's Prayers" out there, but this one resonates with my heart the most:


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  1. I just love this teachers prayer. I had many teachers that had an impact on me growing up and I know that you'll be that kind of teacher for these kids. Hope your new school year is awesome and that your blog design is just what you need. <3 ya!!