Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hershey Park Happy

My Hubby and I took our annual trip to Hershey Park last week! For the past several years, we have gone to Hershey on or around my birthday.

We go for a couple of reasons:

 1. Anyone who really knows me knows that I LOVE CHOCOLATE. And of course, Hershey makes the Special Dark Chocolate that I absolutely crave.

 2. Love a good amusement park! Hershey has great rides, great shows, great food... a day of fun for all.

3. What more could I ask for for my birthday other than a day of my Hubby's undivided attention? I love having him all to myself all day long with no distractions.

Our trip to Hershey Park this year did not disappoint. Of course, Jason thought it was completely appropriate to drag me to the brand new rollercoaster for our very first ride of the day... Skyrush. The reason that this ride is named "Skyrush" is because it creates the sensation of freefalling, or skydiving. *GULP* We waited over an hour to ride this brand new coaster, and boy was it intense! I'm pretty sure the entire park heard me scream on that ride.

Of course, after that first ride on the most insane rollercoaster in the park, all of the other rides seemed like nothin'. We rode all of the rollercoasters at least once (some three times, some front-row seats), took in a few shows, went to the zoo, and shared some delish food. We got there when the park opened at 10:00am, and we were there when they closed the park at 10:00pm. It was a long day, but we had a great time! The only time I got sick all day long was after riding (wait for it.........) the swings. I know, so embarassing! :S

Here are some pics from my trusty, handy Nikon point-and-shoot:

Even though the storms rolled in around 9:30 and the rides were officially closed for the night, we enjoyed some icecream before leaving the park . You can definitely say that at the end of the day, we were "Hershey Park Happy" :)



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