Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's August!

It's here... that dirty word that all teachers dread: August.
*Wahhhhhh* ;(

Carefree days of summer vaycay are quickly slipping away, and my thoughts are quietly turning to my classroom. Granted, I've been pinning ideas for the new school year all summer long... but have I actually made anything for my classroom yet? ...No. Time to get busy, I guess!

I have a five-day beach trip coming up this week, and I'm excited to squeeze a few more delicious drops of fun out of summer before putting my teacher hat on again.

Since it's the beginning of a new month, I'm linking up {{here}} for CURRENTLY:

Check out the pedi:

...And the new 'do!

Countdown to first day for teachers: 12 days
Countdown to Back to School Night: 16 days
Countdown to FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: 18 days

Forgive me if my posts become sporadic for the next couple of weeks...
 life is about to get cRaYzAy.


  1. I love those toes - what a great color! Hope you have a fantastic beach trip:)

    1. I'm excited for my beach trip... but at the same time, it makes me sad... it sort of symbolizes the end of summer break, because 3 days after I come home, it's time to head back to the classroom! I'm going to try *really* hard to relax though ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I always get a new do (or at least a haircut) before the new school year. Your hair turned out really cute!! I saw your post about shopping at kohls (one of my favorite places) and can't wait to go on my back to school shopping trip. I'm waiting until the annual no sales TAX weekend here in Texas.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

    1. Oh yes, love me some Kohls! Here in PA where I live, we don't have to pay saless tax anytime. :) It's great!

      I need to get one of those Kohls Cards, though, to get some extra discounts.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lacey!