Tuesday, November 6, 2012

14 Weeks

Sitting here on the 6th of November with a few things on my mind.
1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my best friend, Beth and her hubby George! Two years ago I helped her get ready for her big day and stood by her side as she became Mrs. Walling.
2. It's election day! I have the news on right now, hanging on every word. I did my part - I voted! - now we just wait to hear if our voice was heard.
3. Celebrating the fact that two long grueling days of parent-teacher conferences are O-V-E-R. Yay.
...and without further adieu, my weekly update!
How Far Along:  14 Weeks
Size of Baby: Baby is approx. 4 and a half inches long - about the size of a navel orange.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained back one pound this week! My appetite is definitely starting to make a comeback. Still down six pounds from beginning of pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes: Wore a few maternity shirts this week, just to have the extra room. Tried out the belly band this week and it worked like a charm. Granted, it feels incredibly AWKWARD to walk around with your pants unbuttoned & unzipped, but it's way more comfy than the rubber band trick.
Gender: Having more girl dreams this week, but when I think about our lives 2-3 years from now, I envision a little boy in our lives. Time will tell!
Movement: I know that it is SUPER early, but I thought I felt something the other night. Could've been gas though - ha!
What I miss: Eating at Subway. What I'd give for a turkey sub.... yum. Unfortunately, deli meat is not healthy for the baby, so I'm staying away.
Cravings: I have had an insane obsession with lemons since the beginning of this pregnancy. I pour tons of lemon juice in my water bottle, order lemonade every time we go out... loving those lemons! I also had a strong craving for a Mediterranean salad with extra feta cheese and grilled chicken. Yesterday, I made my dream come true... LOL :)
Symptoms: I've had very few moments of nausea this week - woohoo! My energy level still stinks... and with the time change, I'm feeling ready for bed at 7pm.
Best Moment This Week: Last Monday, Mom and I ventured out in the middle of Hurricane Sandy for my 13 week appointment. We braved the crazy winds and rain for the chance to hear the baby's heartbeat. The doctor found the heartbeat, and I asked for another ultrasound since Mom was along with me. The doctor said, "Sure!"

Here's the sweet profile of my baby on the screen in the office:
And here's the print out of that picture:
So in love that that sweet little baby!!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Every night I look forward to putting on some comfy clothes, getting situated on the couch with my Doppler, and checking in with the baby. The heartbeat used to be to the right of my belly button. Now, it moves around every day so it's fun to hunt around for it until I find it. When I first bought my Doppler, I found the heartbeat really low on my belly. Now, the heartbeat is an inch or two away from my belly button. It's getting much louder, too. This week, the heartbeat has averaged 155-160 each night.

14 Week Bump Picture:
See ya next week!


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