Sunday, December 16, 2012

What You've Been Waiting For!

It's a...
We are so, so, SO excited to announce that we are expecting a SON in May!
So, it turns out my Mommy's intuition was right!
I'll have a sweet baby boy to love on in a few months.
Our ultrasound was Thursday at 3pm. They ask you to drink 24oz of water one hour prior to your ultrasound. Needless to say, by the time I got to the diagnostic center, I had to pee so bad I was in PAIN. So, I went to the bathroom to "let a little bit out" and prayed that my bladder was still full enough for the ultrasound pictures to be clear. When they finally called me back at 3:20, the technician introduced herself and said, "You can go change into a hospital gown. Go ahead and empty your bladder. Trust me, I've been doing this for 30 years and your bladder will fill back up again."
Are you serious!? LOL All that pain for nothin'.
When the tech started the ultrasound, she asked if we wanted to know the gender. Of course, we said yes. So she went ahead and zoomed in on the critical area. Unfortunately, my little man had his legs crossed and knees bent, so his feet were tucked right where we needed to see. She continued to go about getting other measurements, and about half an hour later tried to get a good look again. At this point she said, ''I'm sorry, you might not be able to find out today..." A little while later though, Baby decided to make a move. He scooched from my lower belly up to above my belly button. It was funny because the ultrasound tech was literally chasing him around my belly. During all of his moving around, the tech said ''I think I might see something between the legs!" Sure enough, a few more close-up pictures indicated that we certainly do have a little boy on the way. Here are some cute pictures of his hands and feet:
While we got the million dollar picture of his boy parts, the technician was struggling to get some other important pictures because the baby was turned around facing in towards me with his back to the camera. She tried shaking my belly around a bit, but he just didn't want to move. The technician went out and had another girl come in to see if she could get a better shot of what they needed. They had me get up, go to the bathroom (because yes, I did have to go again by then), and then they had me roll onto my side.
Magically, he turned around and we finally got a glimpse of his little face! Granted, at 20 weeks a baby's face is very thin... In fact the technician said that around 24 weeks, the face looks much fuller and more baby-like. But still... seeing his little nose and cheeks filled my heart with joy. I left the diagnostic center after my 90 minute ultrasound (that was supposed to take 60 minutes, thanks to my little guy wanting to be shy) with a handful of ultrasound pictures and a disc. It was really hard, but I was able to keep the gender news to myself until we shared with our parents on Saturday. I'll have a separate post coming with a video of Baby's grandparents cutting the cake!
So there you have it... We are having a boy and we are so excited!


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