Monday, January 7, 2013

22 Weeks

Hi, Ya'll!
How Far Along? Today I'm actually 23 weeks exactly... I'm a little late on my 22 week post! Sorry!

Size of Baby: 10 inches long, a little over a pound


Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained half a pound this week... so I am now -4.5 lbs from the beginning of pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes: Of course... wearing them proudly! Maternity clothes are so comfy... I may never go back to 'normal' clothes - LOL!

Gender: A sweet bundle of baby boy joy :-)

Movement: Baby boy has been very active lately! I feel him early in the morning (he's usually busy moving around when my alarm clock goes off at 5am), and in the afternoon/evening, he loves to practice kicking, punching, and rolling around.

What I miss: This week, I'm missing sushi! I could totally eat an entire Hagerstown Roll from House of Kobe... Mmmmm, mouth watering! Maybe someone will bring me some sushi in the hospital when the time comes ;-)

Cravings:  Still wanting sweet tea all the time! Trying to limit myself to one or two servings per day, though. Watching the sugar and caffeine intake!

Symptoms: I have had some tingly hands this week, especially when I wake up in the mornings. Weird!

Best Moment This Week: Toasting with my belly on New Year's Eve! My Hubby couldn't stay awake to ring in the new year, so I had a glass (or THREE!) of sparkling grape juice, and when the clocked counted down to midnight, I cheers-ed my belly! 2012 was a great year, but I can't wait for all that 2013 holds for my family. Truth be told, I had quite the emotional moment at midnight... thinking of all that is to come in 2013! We are very blessed.


Another awesome part of this week has been receiving lots of hand-me-downs! So far, I've had the following items given to me: diaper genie, changing pad for dresser top, Eddie Bauer swing, Fisher Place Rock 'N Play Sleeper, and lots of clothes... I'm talking 4 garbage bags FULL of baby boy clothes! (Clothes not pictured below - they are in my laundry room waiting to be washed!)

Looking Forward To: Feeling more and more movement from my little guy, and can't wait for my hubby to feel the baby kick! Each time Jason puts his hand on my belly for a while, the baby usually kicks as soon as he moves his hand - LOL. Little guy is playing games with us already.

22 Weeks Pregnant:



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