Saturday, December 29, 2012

21 Weeks ...AND BIG NEWS!!!

Well, I could certainly make you wait for the big news... but I'm not that cruel.
This is a picture of my sister-in-law, Stacey, and I. Stacey married my brother in May of 2009, roughly six months after Jason and I got married. This picture was taken last weekend at a family get together in Virginia.
The best part of this picture??? There are actually FOUR people in this picture! That's right folks... my sister-in-law is pregnant!!! She is due about two months after me. She is twelve weeks today and I am so happy for Stacey and my brother. The baby has a strong heartbeat and everything is progressing very well for them. What could be more awesome than having someone close to go through the pregnancy experience with?! I'm thrilled that our children will be so close in age. Our family is very blessed!
I'm so excited to become an AUNT!!! I've wanted to shout this news for weeks, but I've kept quiet per their wishes. However on Christmas Day, after sharing the news with family and friends, they posted this picture on Facebook:
As they say, it's now "Facebook Official" which means Aunt Kris can share the news, too!
Ok. Now that I've spilled the beans... we can proceed with the weekly update. :)
How Far Along? 21 Weeks, 4 Days
Size of Baby: 8 inches long, 1 pound
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Had another weigh in at my appointment yesterday... Down 2lbs from my last appointment in November. Still lingering at the -5lbs mark.
Maternity Clothes: Yep! Got some really cute maternity tops for Christmas from my Mom and mother-in-law. My wardrobe is slowly growing!
Gender: Sweet baby boy!
Movement: Love feeling my baby move... Getting lots of punches/kicks low in my belly every day.
What I missBeing able to cough without A) peeing a little. B) being in pain!
Hey, just being honest! 
The peeing part is just embarassing, but true. The part about being in pain can be attributed to round ligament pain. Muscles/tendons are stretching to accomodate my growing belly, and those pains are especially bothersome when I cough.
Cravings: Ok. Prepare yourself... because the craving I'm about to share with you is NOT a healthy fruit/salad craving. No-sir-ree. I have been craving...
Now, now... before you send me pregnancy hate-mail about how unhealthy I am eating, let me tell you that I limit myself to one McDonalds stop per week, and my Hot & Spicy McChicken sandwich is only 380 calories. And the sweet tea is just the perfect drink to wash down the delicious spicyness.
Symptoms: Other than my round ligament pain and some achiness in my hips, I can't think of any other "new" symptoms this week.
Best Moment This Week: Really enjoying having a baby belly! I'm finally out of the awkward frumpy "did she gain weight or is she pregnant?" stage, and I love it.
Looking Forward To: the new year! Bring on 2013! 
21 Weeks Pregnant:
See you next week!