Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Lately... Randoms :-)

Life Lately...
Random photos brought to you by Instagram
My students love using my iPad!
New season of the bachelor! ...And lots of blog-post planning lately ;)
Took our second graders to see a Chinese dance group all the way from Hong Kong!
It was awesome... until the dancers started changing outfits on sidestage, and were CLEARLY in the view of our students. Ugh :-/
Started buying diapers this week! Also picked up some lanolin cream for some dryness.
gulp, gulp, gulp... drinking lots of water!
Cute belly, cute outfit, cute shoes... :-)
Still rockin' my 3-inch heels while I can!
...But I admit, I switched to flats by the end of the day ;-)
Why, hellooooo kitty!
Made fried green beans as a side dish to crab cakes and baked salmon Friday night!
They were DE-LISH.
Just like TGIFridays :-)
Going to try to oven fry them next time to cut some fat out ;-)
The rest of the aforementioned dinner :-)
Got my Christmas decorations taken down and put away yesterday
Watched some Tia & Tamera while doing so.
LOVE learning about pregnancy and motherhood through their show!
Kitty was mad that I took down the tree.
In fact, she sat UNDER the tree as I undecorated it in protest.
When the tree was all gone, she hid behind the curtain.
Not a happy kitty.
Behind the curtain.
Kitty is saying, "Go away. I'm not talking to you."
Dessert last night :-)
Anyone else use Instagram?
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