Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Morning!

What else do you do when you're awake at 6am, surfing Pinterest?
Get inspired :-)
A former coworker pinned this picture:
So... I realized the sun was on it's way over the horizon and I decided to do a photo shoot!
Surprise, surprise... right?! LOL :-)
Didn't have time to curl my hair, so I thought a nice high bun would work nicely for some silhouette shots. I was going to use a window in my house, but I thought our glass front door would be even better. Only thing was, the glass was quite frosty, but I'm kinda loving the frosted texture.
And this is what happened:
 Shot in Manual mode at ISO 200, apperture f/2.8, exposure 1/250, monochrome
I'd say it was a good morning, wouldn't you? :-)
On today's agenda...
*An invigorating walk with my neighbor to get this baby on his way!
*A lunch date and pedicure with my bestie.
*An evening on the mountain with my family enjoying good food, a camp fire, and lots of great conversation.
Have a great Saturday!


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  1. I freakin LOVE these shots of you!! Gorgeous glowing mama. so excited for you. :)