Friday, April 26, 2013

Show and Tell...... Our Nursery!

Welcome to my baby boy's nursery!
Allow me, his very-pregnant Mommy, to show you around.
When you open the door, here is your view straight ahead:
Note the print hanging over the twin-size bed - I bought it the day I found out we were expecting a baby boy and it quickly became the inspiration for the colors of the nursery.
Look to the left and you see this:
As you can see, the hospital bag is packed and sitting right under the window on the ottoman to my rocker-glider :-)
Keep looking to the left and you will see this:
The wall art reads: Every child is a story yet to be told :-)
On the next wall are the dressers and changing station.
I realize the wall looks a little bare on this side of the room, but we are waiting for our little prince to arrive so I can create a gallery wall of his professional newborn pictures. SIMPLY. CANNOT. WAIT.!!!
If you keep turning to the left, you'll find the wall with the closet.
Now that you've had the general tour of the room, let me show you some of the finer details ;-)
This is my rocker-glider that Mom and Dad bought for me as a baby shower gift. I can't wait to spend many hours during the day and night, rocking my baby boy in this chair. Also note the Boppy pillow that Aunt Stacey and Uncle KL bought for the baby, and the beautiful blanket crocheted by the baby's Great Aunt Penny. I have a basket of Baby Things next to the chair with some important items for feedings, like bibs and burp cloths.
On the other side of the rocker, I have a basket of things that I might need as I'm feeding the baby, like a nursing cover, my breast pump, nursing pads, and some other odds and ends :-)
Here's a better shot of the crib in all of it's splendor:
There are TONS of picture frames just waiting for my baby boy's sweet face to fill them up!
The changing station! Notice the ribbon mobile that I made? I'm going to post some step-by-step directions on how to make your own here in a couple of days ;-)
A better shot of the ribbon mobile:
The baby's view of the ribbon mobile when he's getting his diaper changed:
The first drawer of my dresser-turned-changing station:
All of his sweet little bodysuits and onesies:
And of course, his closet. His cute little outfits for when we venture out of the house, as well as lots of fun baby accessories that we will open as we need!
And here's a view from the hallway that shows the light fixture. This light/fan was already part of the room when J bought the house... like it was meant to be for a little boy :-) The light is a baseball, held up by a glove, with bats for the fan.
So now, we sit. We wait. We pray. We are getting more anxious and excited and hopeful by the minute.
We can't wait to meet our baby boy!!!


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