Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jesse's First Week

Jesse's First Week!
Loves: Eating, sleeping on Momma's belly with his bottom up in the air and feet tucked under his body, going on car rides, hearing the heartbeat sound on his mobile, cuddling with Daddy at the end of each day.

Eating: When Jesse was born, he took to breastfeeding like a champion. However, he developed blood sugar problems right after he was born as a result of my gestational diabetes and had to have an IV placed in his teeny tiny arm to give him some glucose to help stabilize those blood sugar levels. While he was on the IV, his desire to breastfeed went out the window. This was extremely frustrating and disappointing for his Momma, but as soon as that IV was taken out on his last day in the hospital, Jesse's appetite was back in full force! My milk came in that Sunday and he has done AMAZING with eating since then. On Monday, he weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. On Friday, he weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces.... a 7 ounce gain in 5 days! ...Yeah, you could say he likes to eat ;-) 
Sleeping: In the hospital, Jesse didn't sleep hardly at all during the night. Between constantly being poked and prodded to check his blood sugar and all of the other routine checks, we just didn't get good sleep. During his first week at home, Jesse did fall into a better sleeping routine. He would have a 2-3 hour stretch in the middle of the night where all he wanted was Mommy and didn't want to be laid down. However as we approached week two, he's doing much better with laying down and going right to sleep after feeding. I try to cherish our late night feeding sessions... even when he's fussy, because I know that he won't be this little for long! He's already changing so much each day... it breaks my heart.

Fun Facts: Jesse has perfected the whole "Peeing on Mommy" trick. No matter what I try to do to arm myself against his aim, he gets me all the time! Jesse also likes to "toot" while he's being fed. His Daddy is proud ;-)  His umbilical cord fell off after 7 days and the plastibell used for his circumcision fell off after 11 days. He has a little bit of a birthmark on the back of his head. He LOVES to have his hands up by his face. He likes to be swaddled, but only if his hands are positioned so that they are near his face. He dislikes sponge baths and getting his diaper changed. He wears newborn size diapers (thank you to everyone who has pitched in to build up our supply of newborn diapers - I was fully stocked with size 1's... only had a single pack of newborns because I didn't think I was going to have a little baby). His 0-3 month clothes swallow him... and again, thank you to everyone who got us some newborn sleepers! Even in newborn sleepers, his feet do not reach the footies of the sleeper.

Mommy Moments: I could seriously just stare at Jesse's sweet face all day long. I'm so relieved that breastfeeding is going well. I get a little overwhelmed sometimes during the day because I'm here by myself all day long, but it's getting easier each day.

Firsts: Smiles (even though I'm pretty sure they are gas-induced), trip to the doctor's office, visits from family and friends.
It was a great first week!


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  1. He is so precious! Glad breastfeeding is going well!