Friday, May 17, 2013

Jesse - Week 2!

Seriously... how is my newborn baby boy two weeks old already!? I know that they say "Time flies when you're having fun," but I think "Time also flies when you're sleep-deprived milking machine." :-) Loving every single one of those moments, though.
Jesse's Second Week! 
Loves: Eating, sleeping on Momma and Daddy's chest, sleeping in his Rock N' Play Sleeper, getting feather tickles and butterfly kisses from his Nan, getting his hair brushed, hanging out in his car seat, passing gas... and did I mention that he loves to eat?!

Eating: Jesse does great in the eating department. He eats every 2.5-3 hours. Sometimes, on rare occasion, he will go longer (closer to 4 hours) between feedings. We do a diaper change before each feeding, and sometimes after the feeding as well. I am pumping to start storing breast milk for those occasions when someone watches him or when Daddy wants to feed him. We haven't introduced the breast milk in a bottle yet... but I have a feeling that's going to happen in week 3! Didn't want to confuse him with the breast, but he has to get used to taking a bottle as well so Momma is able to {{eventually}} leave the house. ;-)
Sleeping: Jesse is your typical newborn... eats and sleeps! During the day, he will eat and then be awake for about 30-45 minutes, and then he usually falls asleep for around 2 hours. Sometimes Momma tries to take a nap during those 2 hours... sometimes she tries to get some housework done... sometimes she updates her blog! :-) I miss my little buddy when he's sleeping... it's tempting to wake him up ;-)

Fun Facts: We are still in newborn size sleepers for most of the day. Still using newborn diapers, too. There have been a couple of times when Jesse fell asleep that his eyes weren't completely closed and we could see his eyes moving like crazy as he fell into REM sleep. It can be pretty freaky to watch, but I hear it's something they usually grow out of by their first birthday. Everyone likes to say that Jesse looks like his Daddy, but I'm starting to see a little of myself in him too... his chin, his ears... definitely mine ;-)

Mommy Moments: Every day gets better and better in terms of developing routines and adjusting to getting less sleep. Some days, I get thrown for a loop when something new comes up... but generally speaking, life as a Mommy is going great! I'm hoping to start a new post series called "Momma Babble" where I can share a little more in depth some of the thoughts/feelings/emotions I've experienced in Mommyhood.

Firsts: Professional photo shoot (can't wait to see his proofs!!!), trip to Grandma and Pappy Caudill's house for dinner on mother's day.

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