Monday, June 17, 2013

One Month Mini Photo Shoot

Well... sorry it's been a while since I posted!
For those of you who don't know, my laptop decided to crap out on me last week. Unfortunately, the virus got into the start-up recovery so even restoring it to factory conditions proved to be a major hassle. HOWEVER - we are back in business now, baby. I have a running list of blog posts that I want to get caught up on this week - let's see if my little man's schedule will allow me to complete my list ;-)
Jesse turned one month old on June 1st. (Side note, how in the WORLD is it June 17th already?! SERIOUSLY. Crazyness.) One afternoon around the beginning of the month, I was changing Jesse's diaper in the afternoon, and the light coming in through the window in his bedroom was AMAZING. He was looking extra adorable (like always ;-) so I stripped him down to his onesie and grabbed the camera... and voila! PHOTOSHOOT!
Enjoy these pics.
Brace yourself for the cuteness. He really is adorable; I'm not biased AT ALL...

One Month Old
Busy Hands!
The Super Hero Pose :-)  ...He's MY super hero.
I warned you the cuteness would be too much to handle!
...and some out-takes :-)
I'm pretty sure he was "snorting" here... ha!
I have no words... LOL
And... it wouldn't be a complete photo shoot without a shot of his precious baby feet!

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  1. So precious! He really is growing! <3