Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Momma Babble V002

It can change in a lickety-split instant.
When you become a mother, your whole world changes. The moment they place that newborn baby on your belly, you get a new set of eyes. You view life completely differently. You no longer think of yourself first, you think of your baby. You no longer worry about superficial things, like the fact that you have spit-up in your hair, or that you're not always wearing cute and stylish outfits (because let's be honest - some days it's a God-given miracle that you even make it out of your pajamas by lunchtime!). You no longer speed up at yellow lights; you slow down... because you have precious living, breathing cargo in the backseat of the car. Life changes. Your perspective changes.
Having a baby has completely altered my perspective, especially in regards to some pretty important relationships in my life: my relationship with my mom, and my relationship with Christ.
My Momma and I on Mother's Day this year
My mom and I have always been close... but becoming a mother has elevated my relationship with her to a whole new level. She's been my rock, my go-to-girl when I need an encouraging word or advice. She's reassured me when I needed a pep-talk, let me cry on her shoulder (figuring out mommyhood can be tough!), and reminds me that in the end, everything will be okay. Having a baby of my own, I now understand my parents' love for me. And I feel really badly about the times I broke their hearts... those times in the teenage years when we didn't always get along, they were just trying to protect my heart. Because that's what parents do - from the moment you hold your baby, you realize that you will do ANYTHING to keep them from harm.
Having a child has also changed my perspective in my personal relationship with Christ. Growing up, I heard the Bible stories about God sending his Son to die for us. In church on Sunday mornings, we sing songs about God's love for us. But honestly, I'm not sure that the depth of God's love for me really sank in until I became a mother. Because now I know how it feels to love my own child. I know the heart-swelling, mind-blowing love that comes from just a glance at my little boy. How much more does the Father in Heaven love us!? We are HIS children. He feels that way about me. (And you, for that matter.) And the fact that He sent his Son to Earth, knowing fully well that Jesus would be hung on a cross to die for our sins before joining Him again in heaven... that just overwhelms me. He loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me and my sins?!?  WOW. Having a son of my own has helped me to better understand God's love for me, and that greater understanding of His love has drawn my heart even closer to Him.
Lots of things change when you have a baby... that's for sure! :-) I'm loving my view through the lens of motherhood.



  1. Holy cow, lovely.... I completely believe and relate to everything you said. Love it and you. God bless you and your beautiful family-ktb

  2. That is just beautiful Kristin! <3

  3. You're amazing. And I just want you to know that living in Orlando also makes you slow down at yellow lights. People here cant drive. plus all those pesky cameras. ;) I cant wait to one day see what you mean though... love, me.