Wednesday, November 14, 2012

15 Weeks!

Good grief, I feel like I just posted my 14 week post.
Seriously, I love that time is flying by because it means I'm one more week closer to holding my baby in my arms... but at the same time, I want to enjoy  this pregnancy as much as possible. Time can slow down just a little bit :)
How Far Along: 15 Weeks, 2 Days
Size of Baby: Baby is approx. 5 inches long - about the size of an avacado.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Still down 6 lbs since beginning of pregnancy.
Maternity Clothes: Bought some new winter coats, a couple of shirts, and a pair of pants. Read about those purchases {{here}}. My package arrived today - the coats fit great! The shirts fit well, also. However, the pants are wayyyyy too big through the thighs. I ordered my usual pant size... maternity sizes must run weird!
Gender: This week, I've had more "boy" thoughts. For some reason, I just have a feeling we are going to be seeing lots of blue over the next year!
Movement: I think I might be feeling a nudge here or there, but can't wait to know for sure what I'm feeling!
What I miss: Getting dressed in under 5 minutes. This morning I changed my clothes EIGHT times. EIGHT!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't find an outfit that I felt comfortable in. I feel like I look more pudgy than anything, but my regular clothes just aren't fitting anymore.
Cravings: Went grocery shopping the other night and had to laugh when I got home and saw a "theme." I'm all about the berries, apparently!
Symptoms: My biggest symptom is the lack of energy!!! I thought I was supposed to get a burst of energy this trimester... but I'm still struggling to stay awake past 8pm. In fact, I'm so tired and feeling so "frumpy" that I almost decided to skip this week's post. *Yawns*
Best Moment This Week: Spending some time with my bestie last night! Got to take some Christmas pics of her sweet little man, Lane. Can't wait to see them on her Christmas cards!
What I'm Looking Forward To: Going to see the newest Twilight movie with my neighbor on Friday night! Can't wait for some yummy movie theater popcorn and some Snow Caps. .. maybe a cherry ICEE. LOL - I might be slightly more excited about the snacks!
Here I am, 15 weeks fat pregnant!
And... Kitty wants to say hello :)


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  1. You look beautiful...The "in between" stage is hard. I remember changing a million times too- it will get easier as your belly grows and really takes shape. Hang in there! <3