Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Holiday Tradition

Every year on Black Friday, my mom and I have a tradition.
No, it does not involve getting up at the butt-crack of dawn.
No, it does not require waiting in long lines.
On the evening of the day after Thanksgiving, Mom and I head to Shepherdstown, WV. Main Street is shut down, all of the neat little shops have their windows decorated for Christmas, a bon-fire is made on the square where people can roast marshmallows or warm their hands, chestnuts are roasted and sold on the street corner, and the Grinch lurks in the shadows of Town Hall while the town gathers and waits for Santa Claus to arrive. There is a magical feeling in the air, and I love how spending the evening in the town puts me right in the holiday spirit.
Mom and I before we left for the evening

Main Street in Shepherdstown
Selling roasted chestnuts
Spotted the Grinch
Chocolates! Nothing with lemon though. Darn.
Cindy Lou Who
Bonfire on the street corner
Santa arrives!
My favorite store in Shepherdstown!
Momma checking out the goods.
Oh the delights of being pregnant... had to buy the pickled green beans and some lemon drops.
Where we have dinner every year! Kung Pao Chicken for me :)
Santa in the window :)


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  1. Great pictures! Too bad we didn't run in to each other. One of my family's favorite traditions.