Sunday, January 27, 2013

99 More Days! Wowzers.

Last night, I was logged onto my registries and making a few changes when a couple little words caught my eye:
Oh. My. WORD. 100 Days, as of yesterday.
Which means... today, we are officially in double-digits!
99 more days till I hold my baby boy, if he arrives on May 6th.
Absolute crazyness...
I was on my Target registry to update my stroller/car seat/travel system choice. When I started my registries, I registered from the comfort of my couch on Christmas Eve because I was snowed in without my Hubby. When I was looking at strollers, I looked at a few things... ratings, reviews, and of course, color. HA! I want something that is gender-neutral and will match my car. Little crazy? Yes. So I found one that looked great in terms of color and reviews, and it is able to be found in stores. So, when I went to Target a few weeks later to check out strollers... imagine my surprise when I found that I managed to choose the most expensive stroller that Target has on display ($299). Grrrrrreat. Not crazy about Target's stroller display, either, because they are up really high on a shelf... not easy for a pregnant mommy to get them down and try them out on her own.
Well, I had dinner with my friend Amy this week and then we went to Target to go over some must-have registry items. She got my first choice of stroller down and had me practice pushing it, trying to fold it down, and then open it back up. I was disappointed because of how tall the stroller is... the handle bar that you push came up to my chest. I felt like a little girl pushing a tall girl's stroller. It was pretty easy to maneuver once I managed to get it unfolded... but when it was folded up, it took up a LOT more room that I realized.
So then, Amy decided to show me her stroller. She got it down, I pushed it (or, rather, the stroller pushed me... it drove so smoothly and could do a 360 degree turn in very little space thanks to a swiveling front wheel), and then folded it up and opened it up with very little difficulty. I was SOLD! Even better, the stroller comes with an awesome review from a friend who has used the stroller for two children...and the price? $89. YEP. Just needed to go home and look up the travel system for that stroller so I have a car seat that fits with it. The wheels are designed to handle all kinds of terrain... so whether I'm taking the baby for a walk down our long gravel drive, or pushing him around up on the mountain at Mom and Dad's getaway, my stroller will be able to handle it. It took up less space when folded up than my original pick, too.
Here they are... the old, the new:
The complete travel system with carseat/carrier is $188.99 - but that is still more than $100 cheaper than my original travel system. I'm very excited!
Time for the weekly update!
How Far Along? 25 Weeks, 6 Days
Size of Baby: Weighs 2lbs and is about 11 inches long!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained a solid pound this week... FINALLY! :-) Grow, baby, grow!
Maternity Clothes: Yep, absolute necessity at this point!
Gender: A little prince.
Movement: Lots! Many kicks and punches all day long.
What I miss: Being able to shave my legs without doing a balancing act, LOL
Cravings: This week, nothing in particular! Other than chocolate and milk (same as last week).
Symptoms: Thankfully, I haven't had much heartburn. I have been having some crazy dreams here lately. A lot of them end up being about breastfeeding. You could say I'm a little bit anxious about breastfeeding because I want it to work out soooo badly! I guess we will see. Oh, and my feet are starting to disappear.
Best Moment This Week: Went shopping with my Mom for some baby shower decorations and invitations! Very excited to celebrate the arrival of my baby boy with my family and friends.
Looking Forward To: Scheduling an elective 3D/4D ultrasound for mid-February! Can't wait to see my little guy on the big screen.
25 Weeks Pregnant:


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