Friday, January 25, 2013

Happies & Crappies

Thought I'd join a fun link-up today for Happies & Crappies!
 -Waking up to a 2-hour delay yesterday morning and then having a 2-hour early dismissal today... LOVE some extra time off here and there!
-Having an impromptu lunch date with my BFF today since we got out of school early.
-Spending time with my friend Amy last night! We had dinner and then went to Target to go over the must-haves for my registry. It was sooo helpful and very informative. You should've seen us in the stroller aisle. Amy showed me the stroller she loves, and then had me try out the one I registered for... and I'm totally sold on hers! She had me practice folding it up and everything - it was a lot of fun, and we had a pretty good laugh as I struggled to maneuver the stroller I had originally picked out.
-Receiving hugs from my kiddos. They make me smile everday!

-Working together with my teammates lately has helped to make the lesson-planning process super efficient! I feel like we are finally getting into a good "groove" and embracing the Common Core. Don't get me wrong - the six of us have always worked well together - but I feel like we have been very productive lately! It's great.

-Observing random acts of kindness in my classroom. Was so blessed by a little girl in my class today who reached out to another peer who was having a rough day. Made my heart melt!

-Shopping with my mom for baby shower goodies!

-Feeling my baby's kicks

-Finding a lullaby song to sing to my little boy. I heard this particular song a long time ago by one of my favorite bands, and now I've been singing it and humming the melody a lot to get my little mister used to hearing it. Hopefully it will help soothe him when he's finally here, since it will be familiar to him.

-Seeing the joy on my hubby's face when the mustang he's been working on for a few years now finally STARTED for the first time over the weekend. He came to the kitchen door, all excited, and said, "Babe, did you hear that?!?" So I headed out to the garage with my camera to capture the memory :-)

-Watching my belly grow and grow as my baby boy gets closer and closer to making his big debut. I was relaxing on the couch when I got home, just enjoying feeling the baby move. Snapped this picture as I was watching my belly in complete and utter amazement at the miracle of my baby boy.



-Receiving unkind remarks about my pregnancy.
"Woah, Kristin... You're HUGE!"
"Look how big you are...That's going to be a really big baby boy"!
"Geez, you really POPPED!"
...Ummmmmm, thanks?!
Pregnant or not, I don't think anyone should have the right to comment on your size... no matter how big/small you are! It's just plain rude... Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in one's life and the very last thing you want to hear over and over is how big you are.
*rant over*

-Not seeing my Hubby much this week due to our crazy schedules.

-Realizing I can't get out to go get some chocolate ice cream because of the snow. And I really want chocolate ice cream. Boohoo.

***SO glad I have more HAPPIES than CRAPPIES!***

Do you have any Happies or Crappies to share?

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  1. Don't take their comments to heart. People can be dumb and half the time don't think about what they really are saying. Congrats on your baby!
    Stopping by from the link up.

  2. I'm sorry about those negative comments, but you look absolutely stunning and you're going to bring a beautiful healthy baby into this world =)
    Thanks for linking up!

    Oh, and by the way, you have word verification turned on which makes it difficult to comment.