Wednesday, February 6, 2013

26 Weeks

I'm already halfway through my 27th week, and time has just gotten away from me! I've been extra busy these last couple of weeks. I should actually be working on something for school right now... but I figured I better take the time to update the ol' blog so I can remember my 26th week of pregnancy.
How Far Along? 27 Weeks, 3 Days (but this post is about last week - my 26th week of pregnancy)
Size of Baby: A little over 2lbs and 15 inches from head to toe!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up one pound... officially one pound away from being back at my pre-pregnancy weight. They say after week 24 you should gain about a pound per week... and after maintaining my weight through most of the pregnancy, I'm slowly starting to gain! It's all for good cause, though :-)
Here's a pic from 10 weeks ago. You can see, I haven't really gained anywhere but my belly so far.
Maternity Clothes: Absolutely. Went shopping last weekend and picked up a few new shirts from Ross. Three new shirts for about $30 - can't beat that!
Gender: Sweet Baby Boy :-)
 Movement: All the time! From the moment I go to bed, when I wake up, while I'm teaching, while I'm eating, while I'm sitting... this boy is moving non-stop! He's going to be just like his daddy. He has to be busy all the time - LOL :-) I love it though. He's getting big enough, too, that my entire belly jumps when he kicks with enough force. It's awesome!
What I miss: Being able to get down on the carpet with my students without needing a crane to get back up :-/ Yikes.
Cravings: Remember my dark chocolate lemon truffle craving?! Well.. my friend Ann came through! She works very close to a sweet shop, and she brought me the most amazing present last week: This beautiful gold box with a red bow. And guess what's inside?! YOU GUESSED IT! Dark chocolate lemon truffles and milk chocolate lemon truffles. They. Were. AMAZING! I may (or may not) have eaten them all in 10 minutes. Ha!
Symptoms: I continue to struggle with some pain in my left hip. I am pretty sure it is sciatica. Baby boy is awfully comfy on a certain nerve, apparently.
Best Moment This Week: My hubby and my parents all got to feel the baby kick on the night of the super bowl! Jason has been waiting to feel him kick for quite some time now... so it was awesome for him to finally experience that moment.
We also had fun at the Ice Fest that was held in downtown Chambersburg :-)
Looking Forward To: March 2nd - my 3D/4D ultrasound! March 9th - my baby shower! And of course... exactly three months from today... May 6th!!!
26 Weeks Pregnant:
See you soon for my Week 27 update!

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