Sunday, February 10, 2013

27 Weeks

How Far Along? 27 Weeks, 6 Days

Size of Baby: The size of a head of cauliflower!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained another pound this week! I am officially back up to the weight that I was when I found I was pregnant back in August. My goal is to keep my total gain within the 15-20 pound range, and with only 12 weeks to go, I think I'm right on track. :-)

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Got a few more tops and some nursing bras from my friend, Abigail. Also, got an email from Old Navy saying their maternity clothes were 40% off yesterday! So, I bought myself a few more tops from there. I haven't been crazy with how the pants from Old Navy fit, but the shirts I have ordered from there fit great and are holding up well. Here's what I ordered:

...I guess I was in a blue mood! LOL - didn't realize how much BLUE I ordered until just now. Must be the mindset of a mommy of a little boy ;-)

Gender: Bow Ties! Sweet little boy!

Movement: Lots and lots! I'm feeling him all over my belly now, so I'm curious to find out what position he's in tomorrow at my doctor's appointment.

What I miss: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Cravings: See below.


The Old Wive's Tale says you crave sweets with a baby girl... that one was definitely wrong for me! I'm thinking I'm going to have the sweetest baby boy in the world, though :-) 

Symptoms: Friday, I had my very first episode of swelling. Oy. Worked all day long, and stayed at work till almost 7pm doing work in my classroom. And when I got home, my ankles and feet were PUFFY. Of course I looked it up, and they recommend sitting with your feet elevated throughout the day. Ummmm... not going to happen! I barely sit at all except for planning time, guided reading, and lunch. The rest of the time I'm up, standing, walking around, etc. I have a feeling more puffy days are in my future.

Best Moment This Week: Getting some great feedback at work!

Looking Forward To: The gender reveal party at my brother & sister-in-law's house next weekend! In less than two weeks, we will know if they are having a little prince or a little princess. I'm rooting for team PINK and already have my shirt picked out for that night :-) Of course, I'll be thrilled either way (wouldn't it be neat to have two little boys growing up together, becoming best friends?)... and there's a big part of me that would love to see them have a girl because 1) I would get to buy cute, frilly, lacy things. 2) My brother would totally be wrapped around the teeny-tiny little pinky of a baby girl and I would LOVE to see that! 3) My sister-in-law is absolutely GORGEOUS... I can just see a beautiful little version of her running around with a little Coach purse to match her Mommy's :-)

Here's Stacey's most recent bump pic... what do you think? Boy or girl?
I can't wait to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here I am... my bump pic this week.
27 Weeks Pregnant:
Glucose test in the morning... praying I pass!!! I love my sweets way too much these days.
See you next week :-)

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  1. So excited! Two new babies in the family! Especially excited for my Sister and Brother inlaw! Their first grandbabies! They will still their hearts. Never could imagine how much love you can have for them. Each one is special in their own way and you think how can I possibly love the next as much as the first. But you do and it is so amazing!