Wednesday, February 27, 2013

High Risk with High Hopes

I mentioned in my {{last post}} that I have been diagnosted with gestational diabetes. I wanted to give everyone an update on my situation, now that I've met with my OB doctor and feel a little more educated about what's going on with my baby.
No, I didn't get gestational diabetes because I drank sweet tea.
No, I didn't get gestational diabetes because I ate chocolate and skittles.
Gestational diabetes can happen to anyone - it all depends on how your body reacts to the pregnancy hormones. If you have a family history of diabetes (as I do), you are at an increased risk for developing gestational diabetes. Unfortunately, my body is not metabolizing sugars the way it did before I got pregnant. Here's what is happening to the extra sugar that my body isn't processing:
After meeting with my doctor Monday night, I have learned the following things:
1. I am now considered "high risk" because of the gestational diabetes. I will be followed by a group of doctors of maternal & fetal medicine from Harrisburg for the remainder of my pregnancy, in addition to my regular OB appointments.
2. I will have more ultrasounds throughout the remainder of my pregnancy to check the baby's growth, development, and activity.
3. Starting at 32 weeks (not next week, but the following), I will need to report to Labor and Delivery at the hospital for one hour every week. During that hour, I will be hooked up to monitors and the baby's heartrate will be watched closely. If he shows any kind of distress, I will immediately be admitted to the hospital for bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. This means that every week I have to be prepared to go into the hospital and stay, if that ends up being the case. Talk about pressure to get stuff done!!!
4. I am measuring 34 weeks instead of 30 weeks.
5. I will deliver before my due date. At the very latest, I will deliver one week before my due date.
Am I nervous?
Am I scared?
Am I ready?
Not in the least bit.
But, I feel like I have a great team of doctors to support me through the remainder of my pregnancy. My baby boy and I are going to be watched very closely over the next several weeks. I'm praying that God will help me keep my blood sugar numbers under control, so that there is as little risk to the baby as possible. I know that He is faithful and He will make a way. Please keep my baby boy and I in your prayers!
And... to make you smile after a long, serious post: a video of my baby boy kicking around in my belly last night!




  1. Kristin,
    I will add you to my morning prayers. I wanted you to know that a very dear family friend had gestational diabetes with her second pregnancy, and her daughter Ashton is now a lovely and healthy 20-something year old young woman. Julie

  2. Love the video of baby kicking! Noah was a big baby (almost 10lbs) and they said it was likely gestational diabetes developed late in pregnancy. Because my sugar tests were borderline both times. He was born right on his due date! And you know he is a big healthy teenager! I know all cases are different- just wanted you to be encouraged! If you need help with anything just let me know! Love ya!