Sunday, March 24, 2013

33 Weeks!

How Far Along? 33 weeks, 6 days
Size of Baby: The size of a pineapple! He weighs about 5 pounds now.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 3 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Maternity clothes (specifically pants!) are so comfy that I may never go back to 'normal' clothes. Ha!
Gender: Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails... BOY!

Movement: My little guy is moving around A LOT. I had no idea how much he was moving until an ultrasound that I had done during one of my monitoring sessions this week at the hospital. See, during the previous two ultrasounds, baby boy was contently sitting breech in my belly. My doctor had advised me to rock back and forth on my hands and knees for 20 minutes every night in an effort to get him to turn into head-down position. I also watched some YouTube videos on "spinning babies" and one woman recommended lying upside down on an ironing board propped up against a wall, as well as standing and doing hip-circles. So, I've been spending LOTS of time in the evenings doing these very goofy things.
Well, at my ultrasound I asked the technician what position the baby was in as she started the scan. She said he was head-down and I was THRILLED!!! She was measuring his head, and then her phone rang. She went across the room to answer it and I could feel the baby moving a little bit. When she came back to continue measuring his head, she said, ''I can't believe it. He's not head-down anymore! This is now his butt!" as she pointed to the screen where his head had JUST been before she answered the phone. By the end of the ultrasound, he was back to head-down again. Baby boy was literally doing somersaults during the scan. Crazy little boy! I said, "Well he obviously has plenty of room to move around right now... I'm not wasting anymore of my time with all these silly exercises when he has no problem turning on his own right now!" LOL.
I'm getting a better idea of  which position he is in based on where I'm feeling movement now. I can clearly feel a foot every now and then near the top of my belly, and when I feel a hard ball in the middle of my ribs, I know I can feel his head. Sometimes he does this crazy thing where he curls up in a ball on the right side of my belly. It's actually kind of painful because it's all of his weight pushing against me on the one side. Usually if I rub his back, he'll relax back down within a minute or two :-)
What I miss: Having my house in order! Granted, I've never been a "clean freak", but having all of this STUFF sitting around the house waiting to go into the baby's room is DRIVING. ME. BANANAS! Hoping to get the baby's room painted this week so I can start putting away all of his sweet little things. This momma wants to NEST!

Cravings: Soooo missing my fruit!!! I have found that apples don't make my blood sugar go crazy high, so I've been enjoying some small granny-smith apples with cheese or peanut butter. 
Symptoms: The stretching/aching pains continue, especially when I stand up. I find myself sitting much more these days, especially at work. I'm not one of those teachers who usually sit a lot during the day. In fact, I have my desk positioned up against a wall... because seriously, who has time to sit at their desk during the school day?! Lately, though, I've been using my "Wheely Chair" (aka desk chair) much more during the school day... also propping my feet up on a chair when I'm teaching guided reading. I still haven't had much swelling, which I am grateful for. My wedding rings still fit nicely... might even be a little loose these days. I haven't had any puffiness in my ankles, either. I know that the baby will really pick up weight in this last month of pregnancy, though, so I expect I will probably start to experience some swelling! I'm still sleeping great... I have no problem falling asleep and staying asleep. I get up 2 times during the night to go to the bathroom and then fall right back to sleep. My biggest symptom complaint right now would be the stretch marks. Oy, they are NOT fun. All part of the process, though... and I'll take a hundred more since they are proof that my baby boy is growing and healthy!
Best This Week: I had a surprise shower at work this week! I walked into the teacher's lounge at lunch time and there was a whole pile of presents for me and one of my coworkers who is also expecting. One of my gifts was a very LARGE box. My team mates (and some very generous helpers) went together to buy my stroller/car seat travel system! I was speechless... and yes, I cried.
My name is spelled wrong on the cake... but it's the thought that counts ;)
Also, getting a sneak peek at my baby boy Wednesday night during the ultrasound was pretty special. It was neat to see him move around so much, and I also got to see that baby boy has A LOT of hair right now! :-)
Looking Forward To: Finally getting the baby's room finished!!!!!!
33 Weeks Pregnant:


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