Monday, March 4, 2013

Th-th-th-thirty Weeks! ...Say Wha?!?!

I feel like just yesterday I was taking a pregnancy test.
And here I am now... 30 weeks of pregnancy behind me.
Less than 10 weeks to go.
In two months from now, I will be holding/cuddling/snuggling/oooohing and ahhhhhhing over my sweet baby boy. I feel like we are officially in the home stretch!
How Far Along? 31 weeks today

Size of Baby: As of my high risk doctor's appointment on Friday, the ultrasound indicated that the baby is approximately 3lb, 7oz.


Total Weight Gain/Loss: Since meeting with my OB doc last Monday and learning that I should be eating significantly fewer carbs than I was consuming before, I have lost 4lbs. My high risk doctor was not happy about the fact that I've lost weight, and he wants me to start consuming more calories. So, fewer carbs but more calories... Ugh. Not an easy task.

Maternity Clothes: I've really come to love my maternity clothes wardrobe! I'm going to hate to pack it all away in a few months. I don't even remember what my pre-baby wardrobe looks like :-/ Just praying some of it fits semi-well when the baby is here! I might be living in yoga pants for the first few months of his life ;-)
Gender: Baby boy!

Movement: Lots of kicks and rolling around going on in my belly! Love to feel him move around. At first, it kinda freaked me out to watch my belly do 'the wave' when the baby rolled around... but now I watch my belly just waiting for those crazy little movements. Love it!

What I miss: Two words - SWEET TEA. The end.

Cravings: Chocolate :-/ Thankfully, I've found a few diabetic-friendly ways to incorporate chocolate in my diet... snack bars with chocolate, nut & chocolate trail mix, chocolate milk, etc. The key is to combine it with protein!

Symptoms: Frequent urination... check! I have to pee. A LOT. It probably has something to do with the 90+ ounces of water I'm drinking every day (which, by the way, I think has helped to keep my swelling to a minimum! I still have ankles!!!). I usually try the whole double-elimination thing when I go to the bathroom. You know... go once, stand up, wash hands, wait a minute for bladder to fill up again, and then sit back down for round #2! Usually if I go twice, I can get by longer periods without running to the loo.

Best Moment This Week: Well, I met with my high risk doctor on Friday to go over my diagnosis of gestational diabetes and to check on the growth/development of my baby boy. Thankfully, the doctor found everything about the baby's anatomy sonogram to be completely normal, including his size. As I mentioned, he's weighing about 3lbs, 7oz and is in the 47th percentile for his weight (50th percentile would be considered average, so he's right where he needs to be!). The doctor said that I obviously have not had gestational diabetes for very long, and he suspects that with proper management of my blood sugar numbers, I will deliver a perfectly normal-sized baby at the end of April. The only thing he was not happy about was my weight loss. He doesn't feel, at this point in time, that it is necessary for him to see me again during the pregnancy unless my OB suggests I follow up with him again. So - great news! ...And, I walked away with this sweet picture of his adorable profile:
Also got a cute foot picture :-) He had his foot in his hand for a little while during the ultrasound. So cute!
And then Saturday night we had our 4D ultrasound at Belly Vision! It took 40 minutes (a little longer than expected) because baby boy is in an awkward breech position, with both his hands and feet around his face. So... it took a lot of moving, turning, probing to get a few pictures. You can see his hand by his face in the first two pictures. I just can't wait to cover his sweet little face in kisses!!!
Looking Forward To: My baby shower is on Saturday! I am so looking forward to celebrating my little boy's upcoming arrival with my closest family and friends. :-)
30 Weeks Pregnant:


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