Tuesday, April 16, 2013

9 Months Pregnant

Dear Baby Boy,
I can't believe that in just two weeks from tonight, your Daddy and I will be walking into the hospital as husband and wife... preparing to walk out with YOU a couple of days later as a brand new family of 3. We are so excited to meet you... you really have NO idea.
When I think about our life a year ago, I think about how hard we were praying for God to bless us with a family. I recall month after month of let-downs, as we wanted nothing more than to become pregnant. A year ago, Mommy didn't even know if she could get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. A year ago, you were just a dream. A year ago, Mommy was wondering if she would ever get to celebrate Mother's Day as a Mommy, herself. Now, we are two weeks away from looking into your eyes for the first time... our little dream come true. Our miracle.
Your Daddy and I believe in a God who is faithful and knows what is best for us. The desire of our hearts was to become parents and start a family. We knew that He would bless us in His time. In August, Mommy went back to work for a new school year and was so busy getting ready for the year that she was completely shocked when she began to realize there was a chance she was pregnant. Test after test confirmed that Mommy did, indeed, have a little baby growing in her tummy...YOU! I was excited and scared... and Daddy was really nervous, too.
As we went to the doctor and received good report after good report, we were so excited to start sharing the news of YOU with our family and friends! Way back in September when we spilled the beans, the month of May seemed soooooo far away. Yet, here we are. The trimesters dwindled down to months... to weeks... and now we are just 14 days away from meeting you for the first time.
We have waited so long for you. We have dreamed of you. We have prayed for you.
You are an answer to many prayers. You are the dream I thought would never come true. You are so loved by so many people already, and from the moment that they place you in my arms, I promise I will do everything I can to love you, protect you, and nurture you. You're my baby boy, and we can't wait for your story to unfold.
I love you,


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